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I am getting a gate that has a kitty door so the cat can get to his food and eddie will leave it alone. Dog food is not a worry because the dogs eat their food as it gets put in the bowl. They never leave their food in the dish and walk away. They eat it all at once.   Do you have an area in the house that you could turn into Gabe's space? Maybe with a few gates so Norag can't access it? Maybe even a space in the kitchen, maybe the kitchen table if he is into building...
Every time I type something on here, the baby wakes up!!!!   Lyterae - I am so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine the pain you must feel. Give yourself time.   Talking about baby-proofing etc. We live with my MIL for now. She had a glass coffee table that I have moved. But she still has glass side tables. Oye! We finally got rid of that ugly glass dining table, and moved the glass coffee table away, she had no choice, my children need to be safe.    On...
I also don't see that as baby proofing. I personally don't feel like redirecting constantly. Lol. I have always kept presents up though until Christmas Eve.:) 
Lol. Just didn't know my life was going to be this active either. lolol
JJ- About Ten and wanting to open gifts. I personally would put the gifts up until Christmas Eve when she is sleeping. That would be less headaches for you.
Hey ladies, sorry I have been MIA. Still getting used to getting on here.   There is a lot that has been going on. Hubby applying for a new job and hopefully getting it. Increase pay and better benefits. Great-grandma didn't go in the home after all. She just refused. So now we may have to hire a nurse to go in her house every so often to help her.   I have talked things out with my SIL. To make life easier for my husband and her husband (his brother!) Its my...
Yeah. I am not comfortable at all with FF so it won't happen. This is OUR child's safety, its not something I mess with. 
Well, I don't drive (long story short. I never had to in Europe) so DH takes the lead when it comes to installing and driving. But I still know better about car seats. lol!
Yesterday I got into an arguement with my husband about RF versus FW! He thinks that it should be ok to Forward Face at 1 year old and 25 lbs. I say its not. I say, lets keep him RF for as long as physically possible. Here's his thing, Eddie cries during car rides. He wants to see us etc. I tried mirrors, big brother in the back with him, etc etc. Still cries all the way to and from when we're in the car.  I think hubby is just stressed about that. He tells me we...
JJ - I can see why you're annoyed. Its kind of like, I bought this toy for YOU but really its him. Esp. if you clearly don't care for sex toys. lol! Trade it in for some candles, so you have some encase of like a power outage. lolol!
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