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Sorry guys. Be back tonight with a long update. Tonight we got to see great-grandma and tell her to go to a home. :(
MW - I am so sorry you got into a big fight. :( I hope he apologizes for whatever it is he needs to apologize for! HUGS!!!!   I may have to read that book out of curiosity. Hubby and I don't really fight, we do get snippy with eachother though. lol
JJ- I am glad the party went well!!! :-)   Stress is high here at the moment.  On Wednesday we're going over to great-grandma's house to tell her she has to leave the only home she has known for years and years. Her memory is getting really bad and she forgot where she was the other day.    I offered to take her in here and take care of her, but my MIL is being a PITA about it. I took care of great-grandma when she broke her hip for a month here so I do know...
How I got in? I was locked in the yard. and  was getting my laundry, just as I shut the back door, when I tried to get back in the security latched had locked itself because the spring in it broke so it was loose and with me shutting the door it had locked! All our fences were locked with a padlock, key inside. So I kept kicking the door, trying to break the security latch that had locked on me. I couldn't get it to break and I  screamed for my neighbours because I...
I was so so scared. I freaked out really bad. 
I know I am new and it probably doesn't help 1if I only post a few days a week to get to know me. Sorry everyone.   Been busy. My nephew is really sick, they keep saying Lyme, but it may be Pneumonia so they are doing tests to figure out.   I got locked out of the house yesterday with baby inside sleeping.    My husbands great-grandma is not doing good. She keeps sending money to people who tell her she will get millions if she does. She is getting scammed...
i'll come back later with a bigger response. had an interesting day.
I get so annoyed when people discipline my kids when I am right there. I have gotten into verbal altercations with my SIL & BIL for this.     Talking about my SIL. So, she is a compulsive liar (I think that is the word) and has this weird obsession with my kids and my husband. She is my DH's brothers wife. She lies about everything. She told my parents that her and my DH had a thing together before me, but it didn't work out. Never happened. My DH doesn't even remember...
I got 3 oz when I first started one one side. I had Eddie nurse on the other, this helps with letdown. I got a total of 9 oz in about 2 hours. That was enough for the time I was gone. When I got home Eddie had drank all of the milk I pumped. What do you give the one year old if you won't pump? Just curious. :-)
Wish me luck on the pumping. I have to pump today for tomorrow. I have a mother/son date with my oldest son to go to the movies. I think I only need a few ounces. We're only going to be gone for about 4 hours. I have a First Years pump and it works ok. I don't pump enough to want a heavy duty one. I would only pay $50.00 too.
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