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MIL: "I can tell Eddie is eating more table foods because you're not as big around the chest anymore!" Me: "He only eats table food about once a day and still nurses a ton during the day!" MIL: *SILENCE*
I am sure its a bit nerve wrecking for you. I would probably write a novel. lol!
Oh!!! What a cutie!!!!!! Eddie gives me that same grin and it makes me so happy!!!   I have a FB myself, but I figured it may be weird to add everyone when you just met me a few days ago. lol!
Oh how horrible!!! I didn't hear about the train crash. My thoughts are with their family!!   Hope Dylan feels better soon. How old is Dylan?
My Dh and MIL are the ones who work in our home and she makes more money than he does. She RARELY buys groceries. Now, there are 4 of us and one of her, however, she eats for 4 people. I found the chips we bought in her bedroom etc. I just feel like we are being taken advantage of. I tell her this, but she doesn't listen. The one thing that bugs me the most is when she is trying to tell me how I don't know how hard it is taking care of kids because she raised 3 boys on...
How do you multi-quote?? I am trying and can't get it to work. It would make things easier. lol
MW - Glad you found your phone! So funny! If it makes you feel better, I have done that before. I have to call my cell phone with the home phone in order to find it. I had it inside my Ergo one time and it took me days to find it.      Someone mentioned living with family. We live with my MIL. After her divorce she would have lost her house, so we decided to rent from her. Some days its fine, a lot of days I am just done with it. She is just way too much drama...
Akind1 - Thank you for the welcome. :-) I also understand your feelings of missing nursing. I am dreading the day he weans. I LOVE nursing him and plan on nursing for a long time. I'll probably carry him to college in the Ergo and nurse him in between classes. *SARCASM* You could try to nurse her see if she is interested. If she is, wonderful, if not and she has moved on, be proud of yourself. You have given her the very best for (insert months, years.)...
Every time I try to respond the baby is awake. I will respond tonight when he is in bed. :)   Since he started to walk he has not been napping. :/
If its really bad I just take the highchair outside and hose it down.     at the one-liners. 
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