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Any advice on how to get through this without a total meltdown?
I'm pregnant with my first child, so I'm trying to figure out our sleeping arrangements when the baby arrives.  My husband has painful back problems, so we have a special mattress so he can sleep comfortably.  We want to co-sleep and eventually move the baby into our bed.  I was just wondering when the baby will be old enough to sleep on a soft mattress.   Also, I was wondering if, at the beginning, we could co-sleep by putting or mattress on the floor and placing a...
Hey, everyone!  I'm due Jan 9th.  This will be my first!
My dad told me that not circumcising my sons is child abuse.  I laughed haha
I would LOVE to own a Beco!  If you want to get more men to use them, produce them in more neutral prints and colors.  Apply for an ad in a men's magazine.  Create a Twitter account and a Facebook group.  Find daddy-blogs and ask them to write a piece on baby-wearing.  Include plenty of pictures of dads baby-wearing on your site.  Give me a free one and I'll send my husband and our little one to the Apple store, baseball games, and the hardware store.
have you only tried bleach?  I heard hydrogen peroxide might work.
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