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I don't think my 4.5 ds could do this, although he's fearless and would love to try! He speaks for himself in stores all the time and has a good concept of money. I suspect he'd get as far as getting the food and change, then notice the video games and wander over to them. Plus he probably wouldn't be able to carry the stuff very well. I'm thinking he'll be able to do it in a year, though. Time will tell! He's small for his age (36 lbs, most people think he's 3)...
Ooh, I hardly ever visit Tribes so this was a lovely surprise! I'm in Lunenburg, and there are a few others of us around in the woodwork... PM me and we can chat about getting together?
I'm not sexist, and I certainly don't believe in discriminating against my own child based on the sexism of others, so yes. His body, he can wear whatever he likes on it.
I used to work as a chaplain at St. Francis, and maternity was one of my regular wards. I loved it there and thought the facilities were great. Unfortunately, it set up high expectations for my hospital birth here in NS (which were NOT met). I hope your SIL has a lovely birth experience!
Hi, all! I'm originally from Galesburg and my folks are still there. Although we currently live in Nova Scotia, I miss the American midwest and we're starting to think about an eventual move back to Illinois or Wisconsin. Anyone out there in MDC land who lives Galesburg-ish? (And if so, wanna have coffee with me and 4 yo ds when we come visit next month?)
I'm a lefty, I write with a hook, and it's never caused me any problems. I sure do have vivid and unpleasant memories of people trying to get me to change and do it the "right" way, though. Please don't do that to your kid. If it's not a problem for the writer and the writing is legible... then it's not a problem!
Yes, it's normal (although not really a phase), and yes, there's something you can do. Stop trying to force learning. As you say, he already knows letters and numbers and demonstrates that knowledge... when HE wants to. You know what? Playing around with letters and numbers, learning what they are and what you can do with them, is fun. He'll do it no matter what. We live in a letter and number saturated environment--it's obvious that they're important and...
Fabulous post, EnviroBecca! Thanks for those links--I just forwarded them to dh.
Oh, I really hate that. I will look a person right in the face and say, "I don't like that," which is usually enough. If it's a particularly egregious comment or I really don't care for the person, I'll say, "Please don't sexualize my child. That's gross." For a SIL, though, I might take a gentler approach! Maybe a friendly, "Oh, I don't know if flirt is the right word...she's only seven! She does enjoy talking with all kinds of people though, doesn't she?" and...
Around the time he turned four. Now that it's in the past, I can't remember why I was so eager to drop nursing to sleep--it was such a sweet, intimate time! And now it's gone forever.
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