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Hi, I would like to join. I think I should be in "waiting to o". My DD just turned a year and I haven't had AF yet.
Hi, OP here. First of all, thank you to everyone for your responses, they were all thoughtfully written and each gave me something to think about. I can see now that my wording was a bit harsher than intended; I guess what I'm really looking for is tools to facilitate an educated discussion regarding what we will and won't allow regarding "mainstream media", what the facts are about cartoons, etc. My husband and I had very different upbringings (i was homeschooled, raised...
Hi Mama, Follow your instincts. Before the birth of my daughter I taught special ed., and also have individuals with ASD in my family. I obviously am in no position to diagnose your son, but if you feel there is a chance he may be displaying signs of PPD/NOS I would def pursue an evaluation. My cousin was diagnosed with this and greatly benefited from the early intervention. Big hugs to you and good luck!
Hi Mamas, It is a priority for me that my DD not be exposed to Disney, elmo etc. and my dh doesn't seem to understand where I am coming from. I've explained how I feel like licensed characters in general stunt creative play, how I detest all the cross marketing, but he doesn't really seem to get it. He was raised on Disney. Does anyone else have experience with this? Are there any websites that are helpful? TIA!
I was so overwhelmed with all the choices when I first began to CD! There are so many styles and options to choose from. My advice would be to try a few different brands and see what works best for you. Fuzzibunz seem to work for most people (myself included). I'm also a big fan of the bamboo Blueberry minkies. They are probably the first ones I reach for. I have some bamboo kawaii minkies as well, and I can't really recommend them. BG never worked for me either; the aplix...
Just wanted to say that I'm so happy for you! I decided not to return to work after my daughter was born and I've never been happier. Glad to hear you followed your heart
Meant comfort to me during my pregnancy! Anyway, welcome and good luck!
Yay! so excited for you. I used fertility friend too and found it very helpful. My cycle was very irregular so we tried 3-4 days before and after my usual spike in temp. Good luck to you, it's a wonderful journey.   Oh, and we have a 125 lb lapdog ourselves :) she was a real comfort to my pregnancy and she's incredibly gentle and attentive my my daughter, who just turned 10 months old.
I have both and like them for different reasons. The ergo is bulkier for me (I'm petite). I don't love that it comes down lower on my daughter's back, but she does seem to find it easier to nurse in it. And although they are basically the same structure, I find the ergo easier to adjust for on the go nursing sessions. The boba fits my body type better and feels more streamlined. I feel like the higher back keeps her in more securely as well, since she likes to wriggle...
OI don't think there is any need to rethink. IMO, if you're comfortable, that's the most important thing. If you find it's not working for you for some reason, look into options then. Congrats on becoming a SAHM! Wishing you lots of happiness with it.
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