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I have recently started leading a weekly parenting group at Birth Roots in Chula Vista. The group meets every Wednesday from 10am - 12pm. All ages are welcome. We discuss breastfeeding, babywearing, homeschooling, postpartum depression/anxiety, blended families, or anything a group member is looking for input on. Please feel free to join us.
  I haven't been on here in a while so I love seeing how all the babies are growing! Such big cuties!
Stormy - What situations seem to set it off? I have the same issue and I have found that if I want to yell at my kids, the underlying emotion is feeling overwhelmed. I feel like yelling "Why are you making things so much harder?"   Also, being a "single" mother married to a military man is a hard life. My husband was in the Army for 8 years and I had a hard time keeping everything running smoothly when he was away. I hope things get better for you when you're in the...
I think your body hangs onto that last 10 lbs as kind of a reserve until your baby weans. Come on body, I have more than 10 lbs of fat to spare!
NAK   I have it too. I take the generic version of Zoloft which is called Sertraline. Please don't feel guilty! Like Michelle said, it's a chemical imbalance. This doesn't mean you are a bad/crazy person or a bad mother. It just means your hormones are unbalanced and it won't last forever. Big hugs!
That's great advice that Carrie gave. Sometimes if Augustus wakes up a lot, I will just get out of bed and go upstairs to one of our recliners. I'm a lot more comfortable in the fully reclined chair than I am sitting up in bed. Staying in the bed just frustrates me because I'm not comfortable.
When my friend started making ring slings and custom diaper bags, she charged double the cost of materials. I think $15 is a great deal.
Augustus is sick and teething, so he hasn't been sleeping very well. I think the congestion is causing pressure when he is laying down. I'm hoping that we can switch from having him in the bed with us to cosleeping next to the bed. I'd like to be able to sleep more deeply without worrying about him falling out of the bed. I haven't really been in a deep enough sleep since early 2009 and it's really becoming a problem.
I'm checking my Netflix right now and I just saw this...   The Situation Workout   Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, one of the popular stars of MTV's "Jersey Shore," offers useful tips on how to attain a ripped physique like his.   I will NOT be trying that one   It looks like they have several pilates workouts. I'll try one today and see how I like it.
Becky good idea to do the garlic oil as a preventive measure. An ear infection can develop in as little as 6 hours (according to our ped) and more than once I've had my kiddos seen on Friday and been back the following Monday for a prescription.
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