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I saw Dr. Kennedy at Seattle Reproductive Medicine (in the Kirkland office).  I am 11 weeks pregnant after our first IVF.  I had heard from others before seeing her that its easy to feel like your in a herd of cattle.  They are busy and have lots of patients.  You are just another patient.  I have see 3 different RE's and kind of feel the same about all of them.  I also liked Dr. Shahine at Pacific Northwest Fertility.  I think she had a friendlier personality but I...
Did anyone just use a convertible car seat instead of the infant seat?  Are there any issues when leaving the hospital without an infant seat?  I would like to baby carry when we are out and about as well as around the house.  I don't care if I have to take the baby out if s/he is sleeping.  That doesn't bother me.   I just want to make sure a convertible car seat is as safe as an infant seat for a new baby.  Also, any suggestions as far as which seat is the...
We did IVF and transferred 2.  My first beta came back high (489 at 9dp5dt, 14dpo).  My nurse said there is a good possibility of twins.  We will confirm how many I am pregnant with at the end of November.  I have always wanted a natural birth with a midwife.  I'm thinking that might not happen if its twins.  I want the best for our baby/babies so I am willing to do whatever it take to have healthy pregnancy. My ideal birth would be with a midwife and being monitored...
Anyone have information on getting the whooping cough booster vaccine during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy to help build the babies immunity?  Yay or Nay and why?  Midwife suggested it but wanted to look into it before saying yes or no.   Any advice, opinions or suggestions?   Thank you!!
Check out Snohomish Midwives if you are up North at all.  Both midwives are named Melissa and both are great!
Snohomish Midwives.  Melissa Denmark and Melissa Hughes are both great!!
Are you looking for a doula or do you already have one?  I am a low cost doula and would love to talk to you if you are still looking for one!  
My first client is preeclamptic (vomiting, protein in urine, higher then her normal BP). She has a midwife and is planning to deliver at a birth center. Does anyone know if she will still be able to deliver at the birth center or is a hospital transfer in our future? She is waiting for a phone call from her midwife to check in with her. I want to be prepared if she has to transfer to a hospital/ob so I can help her with the transition/change in birth plan. What can I...
I am a low cost doula serving the Seattle and Snohomish County area.  Contact me for more information :)
How do you schedule clients so you don't have over lapping births? How many clients do you take a month? Would anyone be willing to show me their calendar (without names because I want it to be HIPPA compliant) so I could get an idea of how scheduling works? I really appreciate it! I'm still so new so I don't have a clue. So far I have only 1 client a month for the next few months but I'm hoping business will pick up. Thanks!!
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