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Would you or have you emailed your new patient paperwork to a first time mom and dad? Are there positives and negatives of doing this? Would be it too overwhelming? I have only done one "interview" with a client and it is someone I work with so it was more to meet her husband. I don't want to overwhelm clients but I also wonder if it would help them figure out what questions to ask me on our interview. I am meeting with a couple tomorrow and they don't really know...
Hi!  Have you moved to Bellevue yet?  Any luck finding an HBAC midwife?  I am a doula in training and looking for clients.  If you are interested in having a doula (and don't have one yet)  I'd love to talk with you.  I can private message you my email address is you are interested in talking.   I hope you have found a midwife and are all settled in!   -Katie    
BrokenFish:  I sent to a private message. :)
I am a certifying Birth Doula looking for clients to help get my certification.  I need 5 births to get signed off.  I am offering low cost services (low cost to cover gas expenses) until I get my certification.   Please contact me for more information.  Looking forward to talking with you!
How did you come up with you business name?  I have thought of a couple and then googled them.  They are already in use.  Is that ok since I'm on the opposite side of the map?  I'm on the west coast and the ones I found were on the east coast.   Thanks!
I'd be interested in speaking to you about being your doula.  Feel free to send me a private message if you would be interested in talking.
I sent you a private message. :)
I am just getting started with my doula training and I'm hoping to continue my education to become a midwife.  I'm interested in speaking you people who may not be able to afford a doula but would like to have one present at their birth.  Feel free to contact me for more info.  Thank you!
I am very, very interested in becoming a doula.  I'm thinking of using CBI to get my certification.  I have not had children and I have never been present at a live birth.  I have seen videos only.    What would be my first step in the process of becoming a doula?  Is it important to see a birth first?  Read any books first?  Or just take the program at CBI?   Thank you for any advice you can give me!   -Katie
It was suggested by my naturopath to not eat meat or dairy to see if it helps with my Endometriosis (and inflammation).  I don't know if I'm eating right and getting enough protein.  My biggest struggle is lunch foods and snacks.  I need stuff that is easy because I don't give myself much time in the morning.   Could you list what you typically eat in a day (with snacks included)?  I really appreciate it!   Right now I usually have:   Breakfast- Smoothie with...
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