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I had the same issue with my first, no known cause.  My fluid remained on the lower end of normal, around 6centimeters, throughout my pregnancy. Sometimes it went up one or two, but not significantly to where they wanted it to be which was 10c.  All the while, my daughter was active and measuring fine.  To see if there would be any change, I was put on complete bed rest for several weeks, then limited bed rest.  Up until the birth, I drank up to 2 gallons of water a day,...
I'm nursing my 18 month old and I'm 15 weeks.  Before I read this thread, I thought all of a sudden I was getting thrush on one side!  Luckily I see it's not and seems to be a normal part of nursing while pregnant.  I have noticed my supply has gone down some, causing him to nurse longer.  He was nursing once in the morning and then right before bed, but he's been more interested in getting on to his breakfast of yogurt & fruit instead, so he dropped the mornings....
With my first one I craved strawberries, and then with my second all I wanted was beef meat and hated onions.  With this baby, it's been totally different.  I've been more pickier about what I eat.  I don't really crave anything, but have found a few plain things my stomach can tolerate like plain cheerios, white bread, white rice, corn, some beans, & chicken/fish.  I have more aversions this time around.  Like no to all fruits, green veggies, potatoes, wheat, tomatoes,...
I just bought some minty tea from Trader Joe's that is a blend of Peppermint, Lemon Grass, and Spearmint. I've found yea and nay regarding lemon grass during pregnancy. Does anyone know? thx
Any recommendations for Dr. Pohl, particularly for VBACs? I would much rather prefer to go to Intown Midwifery, but with BCBS the out of network costs are too expensive. So if anyone has any comments regarding him, I'd appreciate it.
I may just have another letter notarized with a brief statement, as I've already given them the exemption form which was also notarized. Mammabunny, my exemption form was similar to yours. I'm wondering if it was really read, or if they just got hung up on the 'explanation' wording by the health dept.
I was asked to send in a letter to my child's school, explaining our reasons for not choosing to immunize. Explanations based on religious reasons are said to be acceptable, though there's no mention of how much in detail. I've already given them our religious exemption form, but they need the additional notarized letter on file for an upcoming audit this year. So as I'm reading GA law, I'm not sure if it's really necessary to elaborate in detail our beliefs or even...
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LOL!!! Thanks so much
Anyone know whether tinctures that are grain alcohol based are safe during pg? I realize it's a small amount, but can't find that it's something to avoid. I have a nettle blend extract to help build up my iron. It's based in 49-54% organic grain alcohol with distilled water. It suggests 30-40 drops in a Tbs of water when taking it. thx!
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