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A Unitarian church would be awesome; our closest one is an hour and a half away.  I could actually drive into the city and find a fair number of mamas to stand together with, and in fact did do a few things with the LLL group there when my youngest was tiny and i really craved the support, but that was a lot of driving, and none of them were exactly willing to come my way, while the rest pretty much lived within walking or bus-riding distance to each other.
I have a phone phobia too--i wonder if that's common among 'people like us' haha.  I hate making smalltalk and being on the phone is like...making smalltalk but you can't make excuses to get away without it sounding like an excuse to get away!
I am soooo with you ladies here in SW Missouri.  It's real tricky too, being out here in the country where people like to do their own thing and mind their own business, because you might be doing the same thing (ie: homeschooling) as your neighbor, but BAM once you start talking about it, you find it's for 100% opposite reasons.
Oh wow, i totally belong here.  I'm out of contact with all my old friends from school (unless you count facebook) and i've only made one new friend in the last decade (mostly because our kids got along well)--and she just moved away.  So yeah, it's just me and my husband and kids.  I get along well with my parents, but that's about all.  I can't even keep internet friends LOL in fact, i just got kicked out of a community (gaming group) yesterday because my 'play style...
I'm an hour south of town and out of the loop on doctors (we hardly ever bother going to one) and schools (another homeschooling family here), but we're around :)
Yeah, i would cut off contact after a threat like that too; they're trying to manipulate you in a pretty big and blatant way.
Aw heck, most days i wear pajamas all day long, never mind what the kids are wearing lol!   But seriously, the best encouragement i ever got was from a childless older man; he told me that being a mom was work enough, and keeping my kids happy was far more important than keeping the house pristine.  Of course that was something i had (obviously) decided for myself, but it was nice to hear it from an un-invested third party.
I can relate to all of this.  My great-grandmother (who raised her three sisters as well as her own three children while working as a sharecropper during the Great Depression!) once told me she was impressed with how far i can stretch a dollar LOL!
I tell myself that if the house is clean enough for company 1 day a week, i'm doing alright.  With kids in the house, it's not until it gets to the point that it 'can't' be cleaned that you have a real problem ;)
I LOVE that my husband works third shift.  The kids stay up until he goes to work, and they usually wake about an hour after he gets home.  He goes to bed immediately, so sometimes we even get a little 'snuggle' time in while the house is still quiet ;)  He wakes in the afternoon, so we have plenty of daylight and most of the evening left to do things.  If i have an errand to run first thing in the morning, he can alter his schedule a bit and sleep later instead.  It...
New Posts  All Forums: