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I documented everything.  He had never given a bath, cut toe nails, put them to bed at night, never took them to school or daycare (daycare thought he was make believe because they had never seen him), etc and my kids were 3 and 6 at the time of my divorce.  He said sexually explicit things to them.  Once he started executing his visitation, he routinely put my youngest daughter's life in danger, due to her food allergies, asthma, not following medical directions,...
My daughter turned 5 in September.  For both her and her 8 year old sister, they need about 11 hours of sleep.  So an 8 AM wake up time would mean in bed lights out done with books, etc.  by 9PM.  
very old broken boom boxes for starters  
  I would be thrilled to share this music with my kids.  But I am concerned about the words and that my kids will repeat them, etc.  How do I listen mostly to this kind of stuff and know I'm not doing something wrong?   One of my dd's favorite songs has a swear word in it.  But I still let her listen to it because it's a mild word - "Hell".  But even with that, I feel guilty.  My kids are 8 and 4.
You definitely should consult an attorney.  even if you go through mediation, you each should still have an attorney.   You also should still get child support and contribution from both parents for things like medical and such.   And a financial planner is not a bad idea either.
Wow, you guys pack a lot of food for your kids!  Makes me wonder if I am sending enough.   I send either: - sandwich and some fruit - hot thermos of a mix of pasta, veges, some meat and separately some fruit   And they get a Funtainer thermos with water.   Usually they eat everything, but my 8 year old sometimes leaves some fruit.  
Just a quick update.  Her psychologist, speech and OT evals were completed.   Speech is fine (high average). Fine motor skills are fine (high average). Cognitive is fine. Moderate delay in social skills Severe delay in sensory  
It has been suggested to me to take my daughter to a pediatric neurologist for an evaluation.  but i have seen some references her to developmental pediatrician.  Are they the same or different?  and if different, when would I pick one or the other for an evaluation?
For an 8 and 10 year old, summer camp IS child care per IRS regulations.  You can claim the money spent on summer camp as dependent care expenses.  
In the meantime, I don't think I would offer strawberry or kiwi again until you know they are ok.
New Posts  All Forums: