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Thanks. I need to ask my perinatologist this week what he thinks I guess, but it looks like about 500 mg.
*snooooort* i had to hide mine in the garage!
Quote: Originally Posted by texaspeach I'm going to get a makeover at the MAC counter today, hopefully it will be fun. I got my lip waxed yesterday, and now I have some blisters : i've never been able to have anything waxed i guess because my skin is too sensitive. it rips like a whole layer of epidermis off. i am doomed to a lifetime of tweezing.
Quote: Originally Posted by bettie cracker Hmmm, egg salad sounds really good. be careful with that one.. i succumbed to that craving a few weeks ago and the smell of the boiled eggs made me yack. then i still had to go ahead and make it because i'd boiled all the eggs and such. didn't feel much like eating it after that
Quote: Originally Posted by texaspeach one thing I forgot to mention was oranges! yum oranges! ditto. campbell's healthy request chicken noodle (from a can... gack!) really hits the spot right now too. sodium be damned ,it tastes just like the original. i feel like i'm five again.
i think everyone should knit that pattern it's so darned cute! knitpicks doesn't have all the same colors of yarn anymore, so you have to get a little creative (i think the pattern is a few years old). i didn't like the initial subs i made with their merino so i went hunting for something else.. i ended up with rowan felted tweed DK (pricey LOL) but i think it will look nice. i'm a big tweed geek. i will so post when i finish. in, like, may. LOL
i so asked dh to stop at 7-11 on the way to the store for the cheesecake, just for fake cheese nachos. he refused. he said i couldn't eat both in the same day. in his defense, i did ask him to keep me in check. that said, he came home with ... the sampler platter of cheesecakes. yes, my friends, the 2 pieces I had after dinner were pretty f-in good.
that is all. back to your regularly scheduled programming.
I'm starting this as soon as the darned yarn gets here (COME ON, yarn barn!). I'm subbing a completely different color scheme and a tweedy yarn however which is much more "us."
I am trying a lot of herbal remedies this time around to try and stave off PTL. Come hell or high water, I want to make it to at least 35 weeks with this baby! What is the recommended dose of prophylactic magnesium supplement to help support a relaxed uterus? I've been searching past threads and google in vain for like the past hour. I've seen a lot of references but conflicting recommendations. Any advice appreciated.... (and calcium too if you happen to know that )
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