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You're not alone! I have tailbone pain after vigorous exercise already. It started about 8 1/2 wks for me too. This is my 3rd.
It's so funny how we try and analyze what's different and what's not - my first pg (my DD) I was nauseous a lot early on, had bad m/s from about 6 1/2 wks till about 10 weeks. Which is recurring now. My 2nd pg (my DS) I don't remember being this nauseous. Which has me suspecting that maybe this is a girl too (all the hormones?). But then that's backwards from all the wives' tales you hear. In all my pregnancies though, I pooch out early, and get horrible breakouts in the...
I had a scan at 6w3d due to severe cramping and we were able to *see* the heartbeat (couldn't hear it yet) flickering away. At my last appt this past week at 9w2d we actually got it on the doppler too (I was surprised). I think you'll be good
moo. "moooooo"
This is kind of an off the wall question, but here goes. My almost-3 yo fell this morning, slipped on a blanket on the hardwood floor and of course did a nice faceplant. All seems OK except she hit her left ear on the side of her new toddler bed on the way down. She did cry at the time and seemed to be in some pain. It is now swollen, sticking out further than the other ear (when they were equal before), has red spots on it and is overall looking pretty banged up. Do...
You guys still OK??? :
Quote: Originally Posted by PatchyMama There is also a new celery green, ocean blue, and chocolate brown Really! Where are pictures of those?
has anyone tried this option for lining in a VB AIO? they say it is like what athletes wear to keep skin dry. i'm wondering if this really works in a diaper, and if it is possible to tell if the diaper is all the way dry after laundering...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mama Bear they have them at Gaiam? http://www.gaiam.com/retail/product....5Fid=06%2D0598
has anyone actually tried the tin foil? of course i need another excuse to order from the gaiam catalog... :
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