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ditto the cycle, it hit early last summer for us
i just got 2 fleece aio's - what were you going for meg?
not stirring, i apparently am totally out of the diapering loop. i just loved that set!
The Dunk N' Fluff set of my dreams ~ http://www.knittedsandfitteds.com/product.php?VP=2918 Gasp! Who got it? You have to post lots and lots of pictures!
with less money pockets might be more thrifty for her - less drying time so less money spent on energy costs, etc. and you can get them and an insert for the price of an sos. i'd say try wonderoos, the one-size factor would be pretty appealing, with micro inserts since they work and are cheaper than hemp. or you could try something like magic-alls, introduce her to the tp, and show her how to buy and sell when she needs to size up.
Where in WV are you looking Kate? Is this going to be a MD thing you think? No love for the V - to the - A?? (ps does this mean you'll bring the LF AIO? )
it's all about apples here. every day, all day. and we only have 2 apple diapers (thanks Tiff for #2, it's actually a BIG help! ). i hear "apple change? apple change?" all day
and here i sit at 5:45 AM NAK'ing and have been for an hour.. how'd I miss this party? Don't worry vanilla, I missed the FM stocking too, so that makes 2 of us! I could totally see my inner hyena revving up for FF. Let's just hope someone takes pity on me and makes some cute sets with Very Baby's... :
I have different favorites for each kid! For DD: Fitted dipe~ Don't use anymore, but when we did, it was FCB/LC Pocket dipe~ FB at night have rocked my world for a year. In a pinch an FM envelope works too. AIO~ GWG, FCB/LC, but FCB fits better. Wool Covers~ none atm Knitted Wool~ none atm : PUL Covers~ I never used PUL covers on DD after I really got into CD'ing, but when we started Proraps fit her just fine and I liked them. Prefolds~ in the summer i loved...
yeah, i need to know about the drying time. considering doing this for ds' mediums when the time comes. neat idea!
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