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I don't think I could love these diapers any more. I love the tester we have for DD, she's been wearing it consistently for months and it fits awesome and always performs. I am so happy to be able to have some for DS, especially with cute embroidery! I Tiff. Really, she is the sweetest mama!! See how trim in the front? And would you look at the bum! Celestial embroidery. Can't stand it. Too freaking cute for words. Even better on the diaper than the...
She's lovely and looks like things are fitting her great! I'm glad you're happy with your stash
Does she ract the same to trimmed prefolds? Does she still have a baby belly, and are you snappi'ing underneath that?
Don't feel guilty about diapering! If you are having trouble with your DH because of affordability, try a cheap system at first, or ask on Freecycle or hunt thrift shops for prefolds and covers. If it's because he just doesn't want to do it, remind him who changes all the diapers
prefolds, especially indians, are just about the fluffiest you can get, imo
I loved the one Righteous Baby FLAM that was gifted to us ( Kim ), it fit DS really well. And of course the FCB/LC 0's. But that FLAM was just as good!
oh! a fussybutt windpro AIO? cute!
Check out Hugadubdub too http://www.hugadubdub.com ETA don't forget you can use baby shampoo too. it smells damn good.
Quote: Originally Posted by mamajama Yes, I can name the specific instances with time, date, and direct quotes. And I realize the slip is annoying. I apologise for that as I know it doesn't really add to any progress. But if you could see where I'd coming from, you'd think it tame. Really, really tame. Then you or we or whatever should ask to be able to post that. I guarantee you (and others will too) it was not meant how you took it.
Quote: Originally Posted by fullofgrace I think too, that clarification of the purpose of the two forums, and what topics/types of diapering can be posted may be needed. Because I'm honestly not sure if it was said with a 'get out' intent, or a 'oh sorry, TPTB set up this forum for hyena stuff you have to post that out there'. Am I making sense? I'm pretty sure it was probably the latter, yk? Because a LOT of people are still confused, and...
New Posts  All Forums: