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Hmm...I don't think so. I'm guessing it was triggered by the Halloween candy she's been eating. Thank you for the suggestions! I did use some anti fungal cream and she seems to be on the mend.
Hi! My 4 year old daughter has a yeast infection - complete with white cottage-cheesy discharge and smell. I applied some plain yogurt, but was wondering if there was anything else that might help. Anyone else had this happen in one so young? Thanks!
Howdy!   My 14-month-old daughter has been suffering from ear infections since December...after 3 different antibiotics one ear is still infected :( So today we started on a fourth antibiotic...if that doesn't work the doctor said the next step would be antibiotic injections, but we are both really hoping it doesn't come to that...   I just was wondering if someone could suggest some non-prescription strategies to help. I know there are many products geared...
SIGH! If only they had Trader Joes here in Texas    Thanks SO much for all the helpful info everyone. I checked on the Rainbow Light website (which I probably should have done in the first place). Their Certified Organic prenatals are the ones in capsule form that can be sprinkled on food. I think I will give them a try. They don't contain calcium, which to me is a plus, since calcium inhibits iron absorption I'd rather take my calcium separate from my iron anyway.   In...
Wow, now that is love!!   Who makes an adult chewable? I honestly have never seen them...and believe me, I've looked :)
Thanks for the tips everyone! Maybe I will try to take everything separately...   I have never seen chewable prenatals. What company makes them?   I also learned about Concept DHA... http://www.uspco.com/conceptdha/ They claim to be smaller than other prenatals, but are prescription only (and what is up with those creepy anime-esque illustrations?)
Hey mamas and mamas to be...   We are trying for baby #3 and I would REALLY like to find some prenatal vitamins that aren't horse pills!   My first 2 pregnancies I purchased the Rainbow Light multis and I really tried to be good about taking them but was lucky if I managed to choke down one a day. I have a hard time swallowing pills at the best of times, let alone when I have morning sickness. I just gave up on vitamins altogether for the past year but now my...
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