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They could decorate some picture frames. Those are always needed. :)
False.   TPBM is a runner.
I'm not a big fan of Starbucks and only get something if DH is stopping there for coffee on a long drive. My drink of choice is the valencia orange refresher. DS gets a cake pop.   I prefer local coffee shops, as does DH, and if the kids are in tow, we go to a play cafe, which is an indoor play place with a coffee shop attached. Parents get to enjoy their drinks while kids play.
I like finding out the sex during pregnancy. I realize gender does not always match sex, but I like knowing what is statistically likely.
I love seeing (and hearing about) the amazing things you all make! I really need to get in gear and find some time to craft.
Scary. And definitely not always left up to the parents, as many horror stories here on mothering reveal.
I'm so sorry this happened to your son! I hope he has a good recovery. Have you looked into something called the "skin gun"? It's a new treatment for serious burns.   I would sue if this happened to my child. I don't think it's right to sue over every little thing, but a 2 year old covered in 2nd and 3rd degree burns is a BIG thing.
Hi! I don't look at the DDC here anymore (I use the facebook group), just the other relevant mothering sections. I saw this pop up under most recent discussions. Glad you're back!
Wow, good for you!
How is Pre-K going, IdentityCrisis? Does Lola like being around other kids her age?   Patti and Blanca, how are the new little ones? I hope things are going well for both households!   Things are going pretty well here, though it's so crazy to think I'll have a 3 year old soon! Wyatt loves playing outside and helping in the garden. I'd love to enroll him in an activity this summer so he could start making some friends. I think we're about to start potty learning,...
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