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EPing can be a lot of work so I wanted to recommend a product that I used for pumping at work, and then pumping at home anytime DS refused the breast (b/c of low supply). LLL's pumping/nursing bra: http://www.llliclothes.com/Bras/Nurs...-Pump-Bra.html I have 2 of these and they are awesome! I could hold the baby, do laundry, do paperwork at work, etc while pumping. And I could also nurse with them as well. Very comfortable, too- I think they modified the design...
Also http://www.clickremedy.com/modules.php?name=Shopping. Clickremedy and healthpharma are cheaper, but inhouse is faster. I also liked the inhouse sent them in blister packs, but the other (can't remember if I ordered from clickremedy or healthpharma) was in a little plastic baggie. I felt like a drug dealer.
Max I took was 150 mg/day. I reduced down to 90 mg. My supply dipped at 60 mg, but there was no difference btwn 90 & 150. I also found no difference if I spread it out throughout the day or took them all at once.
I have a LA, but never used it b/c I like (if one can "like" a supplementer) the SNS (I had 2). Anyway, I still have the LA if anyone wants it. DS stopped using the SNS at 3.5 mos, and recently stopped nursing at 9 mos. I also have an open bottle of Shatavari (took it for a week then went back on domperidone). Please email me if anyone wants either.
Yeah, I'm sure. I carried DS2 for 16 mos in the Nojo. I don't usually wear my babies for long periods of time anyway.
Hi, I have a Hotsling that my DS is outgrowing. Maybe it's b/c he's big (just shy of 22 lbs at 8 mos old) or maybe it's b/c I still have some baby weight to lose, I don't know LOL. All I know is that it is a tight squeeze to get him in there and out. I carry him in a front carry facing me (with legs through the sling) although I will start hip carrying soon. So, I'd like to get a ring sling. I prefer a little padded rails like the Hotsling as I think it cushions his...
MarcyC, how fast is Clickremedy? SIgnificantly cheaper there, too ($10 for 100). I'm going to order some from there, but some from inhouse too, in case clickremedy takes longer.
I too usually buy from inhouse pharmacy, but yeah, it's cheaper at Healthcarepharma. I need to check out clickremedy.
I use Imitrex for my migraines. chiro has never helped my migraines. Does Excedrin work for you? It does for me- I avoid regular Excedrin right now, though, because it has aspirin. so, I take Excedrin Tension Headache, which contains acetamenophin and caffeine, but no aspirin. It still works for me. However, if your LO is sensitive to caffeine passed via BM, then that's not an option. My DS is not, however I've noticed that I get anxious if I take it. I don't...
Has anyone bought domperidone from healthcarepharma.com? I placed an order back in September and received an email stating that since I am new to the store that they wanted the security code & the bank issuer from my Visa card. I thought that was strange. If they wanted that info, why didn't they have it on their order form? I have never had to do that before, and I have done plenty of internet shopping. It made me leery, and I never replied. Well, now I am back on...
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