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I would've been 13 weeks today, and instead I am waiting to miscarry. The longer it takes, the harder the waiting is. I'm so sad every time I walk into the bathroom and see my rounded belly in the mirror, and yet I'm going to be even sadder when it has faded away. I wish that my body would show some signs of activity, and yet I am terrified of what the actual miscarriage will be like. I'm tired of being in this limbo-land of waiting, and then I think about going back to...
Thank you all. I am still reeling and wondering what comes next, but I appreciate all of the loving support coming from friends IRL and online.
I got in for an ultrasound really quickly, for which I am grateful. And it was right by my in-laws' home, so I was able to drop off my kids beforehand. There was no heartbeat; the tech said it looked like development had stopped around 11 weeks--right before my first appointment. I am crushed. And uncertain about what the next few days will hold. And so, so sad.
Well, I went back to the midwife today (at 12w4d) and there was still no heartbeat on Doppler. I am waiting for a call from the independent ultrasound place she uses to set up a scan to see what is going on, but I am not feeling optimistic--I have just felt way too WELL this last week. Feeling sad.
Sending love and light to all of the March mamas who have lost babies this month.
Welcome, Tabitha! Of course you can join. I got an EDD of Feb 28th based on my cycles and just assumed that I would birth in March. (Then when I saw the midwife she gave me an EDD of March 1st--and I figured, why not take the extra day?) So, welcome welcome! Sorry that you are so sick; glad that there may be an end in sight.
I've been a whole-pregnancy-puker the last two times (luckily I love every other minute of pregnancy, and birth, and babies and toddlers and and and). This time I am feeling MUCH improved from the last pregnancy, which was itself much easier than the first one. All the non-puking is a little hard to accept, especially after not finding a heartbeat at 11weeks on Doppler, but I am holding out hope that little bean just needs to grow a bit to turn up on Doppler and that...
So, so sorry for your loss.
I'm not sure at all. I am reluctant to go to a hospital for an ultrasound because we had SO MANY appointments with the perinatologists when DD's health was cause for concern, and I would very much like to avoid ever going to a hospital while pregnant again. On the other hand, I am making myself nuts. On the third hand (ha!), DH is out of town until Sunday and I REALLY don't want to bring two kiddos with me to an u/s appointment if there is a chance I will get bad news....
At my first MW appointment two days ago (11.5 weeks pregnant), neither she nor her assistant could find baby's heartbeat with the Doppler. I was given the options of getting a referral out for an ultrasound, or coming back in a week to try again, and opted instead to just wait until my next appointment (in 4 weeks). But since then I am going nuts with worry! It doesn't help that my morning sickness has subsided dramatically over the last couple of days. That SHOULD be...
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