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She's extubated! Breathing on her own! Talking to her family! Even ate some clear fluids! Thanks to the Universe; there is sunlight in the world again.
Still intubated/heavily sedated. They tried to extubate over the weekend but she was still too swollen to breathe comfortably and they had to put the tube back in. I am worried sick, scattered and anxious and nauseated and panicky. But they say she is going to be okay, so I am trying to hold it together and not drive her fiance crazy with more than one call per day.
I am trying to find a meaningful Imbolc/first birthday gift for our friends' daughter. My brain is fried and I'm just not coming up with the right thing, and I really want it to be special because we absolutely adore this little girl (she is 5 weeks older than DD and the two of them are great buddies). I thought about ordering a baby-safe Dancing Goddess doll, but didn't get an order placed in time . . .
UnschoolnMa, I would say you sound just like ME, spiritual identity crisis and all . . . so when you figure out what it's called, would you let me in on it? Personally, I am leaning towards earthy Pagan with Buddhist tendencies.
Jen, we are all huddled around you offering love and support and embracing you with loving arms. Ladies, some healing energy out into the universe, if you would . . . I just found out that my best friend & soul sister crashed a snowmobile into a tree last Friday. She was being kept in a medically induced coma for the last week to allow her body a chance to heal and her head injury to stabilize. Surgery this morning to repair the extensive damage to her face, and...
Maia: Hot mama! :
I updated DD's photo montage (link in my sig). It is now three songs long and has lots of recent pics. Check it out if ya want.
Quote: Originally Posted by mercyn how does one load photos? i have one on my desktop i can send. it's from Lammas before ds cut his hair, but it's still recent enough. Go to Photobucket.com and register for an account, upload your pic, and then come back here and post the URL that they give you.
It's in my siggy . . . :
DD is 10.5 months, and all she has eaten today is breastmilk--and lots of it! We have given her some solids, but only a few times a week and really only "tastes"--we're still working through the list to make sure she doesn't have any allergic reactions.
New Posts  All Forums: