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It's not nearly as cold here, but we do STILL have snow--we have snow on the ground since . . . last Thursday! It's been almost a WEEK! Sorry . . . those of you in colder climates must be laughing at my reaction. But this is SEATTLE(ish); we almost never get snow!
Quote: Originally Posted by Mom2MJLR I forgot to mention that I also leak A LOT. When I am feeding or pumping on one, the other is filling up the bra pad! They need to make some sort of hose to run from nipple to a holstered bottle so all the leaking would be put to good use :P What about this?
: Hooray for boobies!!! :
I nurse DD from whatever side I am laying on, and flip to offer the other side. I have back problems and can't quite lay comfortably with her nursing from the top breast. It is wonderful to be able to nurse lying down!
At the local (Washington State) LLL conference in October they allowed a booth from Doctors Against Circumcision, and offered the information that RIC can negatively impact the breastfeeding relationship.
Quote: Originally Posted by frenchie Earwax is also smegma. Made up of the same stuff, and serves the same purpose. And the white junk that builds up against jewelry inside fully-healed piercings. I have a 4 gauge eyelet in each earlobe, and I clean them to remove smegma daily.
I'd do it; heck, I HAVE done it (although we leave DD with my parents, not my ILs), and have plans to do it again later this month (we have tickets to see Keane! woo-hoo!). For me it is not too tough because DD is a total night-owl--bedtime before midnight is almost unheard of around here, and she is often awake until 1am. So, when I leave her with my folks for a few hours, she is always still awake when I get there. I do send her with a bottle and plenty of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jennisee That is gorgeous! I absolutely love four-season tree images--I'm trying to find some artwork for my own house. I also like the idea of adding the ground line at her hip and the moon stages above her. You are much braver than I. I don't have any tattoos or piercings. I don't do needles unless the pain of the needle is taking away a greater pain. Jennisee: Dancing Goddess Dolls has a Wheel of the Year...
Definitely a french press!
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