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I had a fantastic HBAC just a couple of weeks ago (DS was born on Xmas morning). I never had a doubt in my mind that I would have a successful HBAC, UNTIL my water broke and contractions were slow to pick up and get stronger/closer together. For the first two days of labor I was stressing out internally, sure that it was going to turn into "dysfunctional" labor and that I would end up with a transfer and a repeat c-section once I hit the outer edge of the safety window...
I did it! : The day before my due date, my water broke in the evening. Contractions started up right away, but took a looooong time to get into high gear. However, 58 hours later our son was born--at home, in our bedroom, as heavy snow fell outside. He was born at 5:15 on the morning of the 25th, and we have all been in absolute bliss ever since. Still working on putting together all of the details of the labor and birth, but I hope to get a birth story written...
Well, 58 hours after my water breaking/first contractions, our beautiful baby boy made his appearance--born in our bedroom as heavy snow fell outside, at 5:16 a.m. on the 25th. It was a beautiful, challenging, intensely rewarding experience, and I am so grateful to have gotten my HBAC. Still processing the experience, and trying to fit together all the pieces of the birth story so that I can write it down. His name is Ansis Ozols, his big sister (almost-3yo-DD) is...
Yup, the MW recommended I get some rest, as there's a good chance I will still be at it tonight. Wish me luck!
There was no real indicators that labor was imminent; just felt a sudden trickle and away we went. 11 hours later, and things are starting to pick up . . . but slooooooowly. I haven't been able to sleep, although I wish I could--just trudging around the house, rocking on my birth ball, and going up and down the stairs. I'm tired.
I was definitely NOT expecting labor to start this way, but so it goes. About an hour ago (around 6:50pm), my water broke with a trickle. Been trickling & gushing ever since. Definitely have felt a few low-grade tightenings that feel different than BH cx, so I suppose stuff must be starting up . . . I just hope things get rolling in a timely manner! We still have about a foot and a half of accumulated snow outside, but my MW has 4WD and should be okay. The big...
I'm so sorry, mama.
Sara: Yeah, we have gas heat (though the fan that circulates the heat runs on electricity) and a gas water heater, so perhaps we'll have to birth by candlelight . . . but we should be okay. It's just . . . the unknown, you know?
Congratulations, mama! :
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