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DD is 13.5 months and still nursing very frequently. It's the only way she'll go to sleep, she likes to nurse when waking up . . . I would guess she nurses at least a dozen times a day at this point. She also nurses a LOT at night; usually 5-7 hours at a stretch without unlatching.
DD's ped/ND is a lovely woman who nursed all of her children past the 3-year mark; she's also an advocate for co-sleeping and CLW. We interviewed her when I was in my first trimester, and almost immediately knew that we wanted her as our doctor. It is lovely to go to checkups without worrying that we are going to have to defend our parenting choices!
I love the way DD will hop into my lap and bury her face in my chest, rubbing her nose back and forth against my breasts while I am unfastening my nursing bra or rearranging my shirt. I love the gigantic grin she gets when I sign "nurse?" to her. I love the way she reaches up and pets my face while she nurses. I love the way she stays latched on even while deeply asleep. And although the all-night nursing sessions are murder on my bad back and aching hips, I love love...
I agree completely . . . we got the adjustable one because we figured both my husband (6'2") and I (5'8") would be able to wear it. Instead we got a sling that doesn't work for EITHER of us! I love, love, LOVE my Maya Wrap--that thing has seen all sorts of use, and I have nursed DD in it while hiking, camping, and bowling (I got a strike!).
Welcome from another Washingtonian!
I have a Momma's Milk adjustable pouch and never use it, because it is difficult to get the velcro adjusted so that it lays smoothly. I recently borrowed a New Native from a friend, and have been loving it . . . I have also heard great things about Hotslings. The pouch is great for short trips--so easy to get into! It does start to wear on the shoulder after awhile, though, so you may also want to look into a Mei Tai or wrap for longer periods of babywearing.
We normally sleep in a California King, but we have a rustic cabin where we spend a lot of time in the summer, and the bed there is a queen. It is perfectly comfortable, although we do change our positions slightly . . . at home I will flip from side to side throughout the night so that DD is sometimes in the middle and sometimes on one side of the bed (we have a bolster that runs the side of the mattress so that she can't fall out of bed). In the queen bed there is no...
I second the co-sleeping advice . . . DD is 13 months old and, since she started crawling (around 6 months), has a pattern of spending 5-7 hours at night latched on without a break. Hard on my back and hips when I lay on one side all night, but I trust that she needs the nutrition right now since she is so busy during the day. Co-sleeping at least allows me to sleep through the nursing, so neither of us wake up cranky.
DD will be 13 months in a couple of days, my period returned at 3 months post-partum . . . still not much of a sex drive. I echo the sentiment above about the poor patient husband . . .
DD is almost 13 months old and still nursing constantly. Amazingly, I've still yet to get any negative comments from strangers OR friends & family! Still planning on nursing for a couple more years at least, but I felt like celebrating this little milestone.
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