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DD was 5 lbs when she came home from the hospital and 19", and she fit in our Boulevard just beautifully . . . we just cranked the shoulder straps down as low as they would go and had it fully reclined. We did have an added head support pillow that we put around her, though.
Just letting you know that we're all still with you, sending out love & light and holding you both in our hearts . . .
BathrobeGoddess, shazer, welcome to the thread, although I suppose it's not such a happy place to find yourself. I am glad, though, that we can offer each other support and encouragement.
(*chuckle*) You wouldn't KNOW it was a cross-post (w/earthmamma), because there was a fair amount of time between 'em . . . but that's me, starting threads and not being able to finish them until half an hour later!
AmieV, I DEFINITELY recommend more babywearing to save your back/shoulder/arms; I am always amazed, when I forget all babywearing options at home, just how quickly I get tired and sore. When I'm wearing DD, I can carry her much longer before my back starts to bug me. I'd try a pouch; you just slip it over your head and slip baby in. The wrap is great for little babies or long stretches of babywearing, but constant in-and-out wouldn't work too well (IMO). A ring sling...
OMG, that last one was the worst . . . I know that DD (and future DC) will get me back BIG time for the puking I did as a kid (I remember at least a few episodes where I didn't make it to the bathroom, and ended up getting sick in the middle of the hallway . . . or once when I woke up in it. :Puke I'm in it alone, too . . . DH is a sympathetic vomiter, and can't be around the stuff. So any puking that gets done will get cleaned up by yours truly alone! :
Dar Williams' "The One Who Knows" always gets a few tears out of me!
Lots of healing energy for a speedy recovery--get well soon, Lily!
New Posts  All Forums: