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Is Bagger Dave's the place near me? We should plan a lunch date! I'm SOOO set on this burger thing...
The vast majority of ten year olds won't fit in a harnessed seat, at least a commercially available one, and for neuro-typical 10 year olds there is no safety advantage to remaining in a harness. Once a child is able to sit still for every ride, and meets height and weight recommendations, for most kids, by 5 or 6, a booster is perfectly reasonable and SAFE choice. My daughter is 8, and far beyond worrying about harnessing, I wish her friends would just use booster...
I think you'll be happy with the Vivo! We have one and it's one of our favorite boosters. Maturity is a much bigger issue than weight when it comes to booster readiness. A 43lb 3 year old is not going to be ready for a booster, where a 39lb 6 year old, who is neuro-typical, should be able to sit still just fine in a booster. I would have no reservations boostering a 6 year old at 39lbs. Best wishes!
Brambleberry- I'm so very sorry for your loss. I also had testing done after my last, third, loss. It helped me feel more prepared to go into another pregnancy. The birth and loss board here was a tremendous source of support for me. There very wise ladies, who have BTDT, and have lots of great advice and support. Wishing you peace.
I really, really, really want a great big hamburger. Nothing else sounds remotely good. I'm having trouble eating anything. DH offered to make one, but I said no, I want it from a restaurant with steak fries! If you run out of Girl Scout cookies, Crys, LMK, I can keep your baby fed from now until September. We have tons.
I'm much later on this time around, but my DD2 was born on 9/5. She came the day before Labor day. I thought all along it would be quite funny to Labor on Labor day!
I also have MTHFR, although I have a heterozygous mutation and years later I forget which. I have had three losses, and after the third, they did the blood work. My next pregnancy, which resulted in DD2 in September 2010, they put me on aspirin, plus high doses of folic acid, B6 and B12 and progesterone. I began that regimen again as soon as I found out I was pregnant this time, and so far, so good. Previously, I had a loss in between each of my full term pregnancies, so I...
I'm so sorry for your loss Mama.
I'm so sorry for your loss Mama.
We found out with our first two but not with our third. It was a wonderful surprise! DH was TOTALLY not on board with this, he wanted to find out again, SO badly! I had wanted to be surprised with my second, but our DD was heart set on having a GIRL. We wanted to warn her... As it turned out even with the warning, she was really disappointment. Everyone asked her about the baby and she would sigh and say, "Well.... his name is I* and he is a BOY... I wanted him to be a...
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