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Great! Thanks everyone for your helpful responses.   I plan to start up yoga classes 3 times a week and though I will only be gone an hour it would give me peace of mind to know that my husband can give Jasper a bottle if he really needs it before I can get back home. So all in all he would only be getting a bottle one or twice a week. I think I can live with that. 
Hi, my son is one month old and strictly bf. We plan to bf as long as he wants to, until HE is ready to wean. Today I was asked by my sons naturopathic pediatrician if I will be introducing a bottle. I said no not anytime soon, but in September I will be starting a Yoga teacher training for 9months, but we only meet once a month, one weekend, Friday - Sunday 10am to 7pm. So I plan to then, but ONLY for the weekends that I will be gone during the day. She suggested that I...
On March 23rd at 4:27am I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy whom we named Jasper Warren, and he was 7lbs 4oz and 21inches long.    Here is my story: When I first learned that I was pregnant my husband and I decided that it would be best if I quit my job to make sure that I would be as stress free as possible. I read books about natural birth, watched videos about the benefit's of birthing naturally, my husband and I attended Hypnobirthing classes, I...
  33 weeks and baby is STILL head down! OMGosh Im so thankful baby knows where the exit is! lol.   
  Sooooo.... After a few weeks of pondering this Babyshower thing I came up with the perfect balance to please my earthy-creative side and everyones else's expectations of what a baby shower should be...I WAS dreading having a babyshower but now im super stoked about it!    My mother and I are throwing a Onesie Decorating party. Using fabric markers, paint and stencils, each guest can create something special on an organic Onesie for the new baby. Following along...
Doing the hypnobirthing class and loving it! 
Went to see the midwife Monday. Still head down :)  
  this is great advice. Has anyone ever tried Children's Guided Meditation? I don't have any little ones but I'm the type that has a hard time falling asleep at night ever since i was a little kid. Its not until I think " Okay, I WILL fall asleep eventually. So Just close my eyes and breathe deep." I didn't figure this out until recently. lol.    But what also works EVERY TIME is listening to a soothing guided meditation or hypnosis. If I'm laying in bed and listening to...
Thanks everyone for your reply's to this post! Really enjoying the positive stories and info :) 
Me as well. I posted just recently in Working and Student Parents about going to massage school while having a little one to take care of. I'm wondering who has done this and what their opinions are about it.    Also, if i wanted to get a head start on some studying what books do you all recommend for A&P, kenisiology... etc 
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