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  Yes, an hour each way definitely knocked the birth center off of my list, lol!  ( I read that you are close to the birth center in your area, I meant "too" as another reason I didn't choose a birth center, sorry for the confusion :)  Enjoy your tour tonight!
Ok. Thinking mostly of epidurals, I picked concerns about me, concerns about baby, concerns about freedom of movement.   I experienced an accidental dura puncture with my last birth.  After THAT experience, epidurals are on my "only if absolutely needed hopefully never again needed definitely not routinely" list.     One thing that surprises me is that women say you can't feel the baby come out or the urge to push.  I felt my babes and had strong urges to push...
  First of all, let me say that I am amazed and thankful to see this thread here of all places!  I am so tired of women competing thru birth, tearing each other down.  We should be upholding and edifying one another daily.   What spughy quoted her midwife as saying about pride....sometimes I think, unfortunately, that it comes down to pride with some women.  Birth is actually unpredictable sometimes.  I mean, what mother is going to refuse that homebirth/birth center...
  I peeked in on this thread because I was wondering the same things as the OP...this is exactly what I don't think I'd like about a birth center.  The one closest to me is an hour away too, and I think that would make it too much traveling to and fro.  So that's another thing to consider when making our choices.  If I lived nearer to one I would be more inclined to choose the birth center.   I hope you have a wonderful birth no matter where you choose, OP :)
Granola...I hope things ease up for you!  Praying for peace and calm your way!
Buko, thank you for taking the time to answer!  At first I was thinking, eh, ok so I won't hear the post dates induction talk.  But I have had two out of four babes weigh right at nine lbs. at birth, so I definitely  want the due date mystery solved so my measurements won't be too off :)  I thought I must be looking at the numbers very wrong or going crazy, lol!  So, I am glad to hear someone double check the math with me!
My OB's office called to tell me my due date was changed from March 9 to March 19.  I had an ultrasound on August 22, which estimated to baby to be due on March 9, and estimated me to be 11 weeks 4 days then.  I have to wait until October to discuss this due date change with my OB, so I am wondering if any of you think it is unusual for the OB to add 10 days to the ultrasound's estimate?    There's nothing else I can think of as to why it was changed other than just...
Sounds perfectly normal to me.  I nursed during my last pregnancy as well, and the tenderness was on and off the 1st tri and returned the last several weeks in the end.
EDD march 13 Your Name: Brandy Age: 30 (wow that feels weird to type 30!!  lol!!) State or Country:  VA How long it took to you to get your BFP:  Second postpartum cycle (breastfeeding :) What number child is this for you: 5 Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): DH, DD 11, DD 6, DS 3, DS 1 Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses):  Either gender is fine, I would not be able to make up my mind if I got to pick :) Birth Plans/Preferences: OB in...
We are expecting number 5 :)   I have experienced most of the reactions and comments in this thread since baby number 2.  We have been very open with the fact that we believe children are a blessing and want a large family.  In my experience, it is either they really think everyone feels the way that they do, or plain old jealousy.     Don't let them steal your joy ;)
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