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Yayjennie, how's today going?  Hope you are having a easy day! 
mom2isa, I am so sorry for your loss. Congrats on your new pregnancy!  I hope you have a peaceful pregnancy and awesome hb!!
All better :) 
I am thinking of buying some too, this was helpful!  I was worried it wouldn't wipe clean well.
You are doing a wonderful job....don't even think about daycare!  They just need to be with you, period.  That's all she wants or needs!  When I just had my youngest, my inlaws wanted me to put her in daycare, preschool, anything... to "stimulate" her and "get her used to being with someone besides you".  Needless to say we have completely different parenting views!  Your heart will tell you what to do.  BTW, your baby is BEAUTIFUL!!
It is funny though!  My husband is gone all day, or busy all day, and some nights I would still rather read or knit instead of him copping a feel, just like the op said.  lol!  I think it's totally normal, especially when you have a nursing baby!  Wouldn't trade it for the world, though.  I don't think dh understands that when all the children are asleep, I feel that is the only time I have for peace and quiet!  He gets to do whatever he wants!  But I want to be busy...
Oh, I feel so bad for the military families.  It must be so hard to go through that.    As for the plain old workaholics, I agree with other mamas who are saying when dh is actually off it is hard too.  Mine is working on something, the yard, his cars, anything from before we all wake up in the morning until the sun literally is down.  It makes me feel a little resentful and lonely.  It is hard when I feel like pouting or snapping, and I can't.  He is happy as a...
I searched for a 2011 thread, but didn't find it...someone let me know if I missed it!  We have 4 children so far.  10yo, 4yo, 2yo, 4months.  I have been quiverfull in my heart since my second baby was born!  Looking forward to chatting with other mamas!
So beautiful!
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