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I would get a BG AIO.
Alexis is 25 months. I have cut her bangs, but we are letting the rest of it grow. It is getting long, but she has curles, so you can't tell how long it is. I don't plan to cut it untill I see it needs it.
LOL Alexis is great with Sam. She likes to help me burp her. She gives Sam hugs and kisses. Alexis also tried to share her food. I keep telling her that Sam is to young for carrots and other food, but Alexis still tried to give Sam bites. Alexis is also close to potty learning. I am about to start working with her on it. Right now, she goes in to the bathroom, takes her diaper off, puts her seat on the potty and climbs up. Some times she goes, but most of the...
Also, take dinner over or give gift cards for food. I always loved when people would bring food over. Usaly if they asked what I need, I would ask for dinner. Dh is not a cook and usaly the baby needs me.
Alexis drinks a lot. She get 6 oz of milk 3 times a day with meals. She also gets water cups with about 1 to 2 oz juice. The cups are about 12 oz and she gets 3 to 4 of those a day. She also steals sips of my water or tea, cause mama's cup is better
I used to do that all the time. Most of the time it was just so I could go pee by myself. Now, I take 1 of the girls with me. I don't like leaving them alone togeather.
Quote: Originally Posted by allgirls Hi mamas... just wondering how many of you are expecting again...we are due again in October...very excited! How is your nearly 2year old feeling about becoming an older sibling? How are you feeling about having another baby? Well Alexis' sister was born just over 3 weeks ago. She is doing great with her sister. She loves to help, but some times helps alittle to much.
Sam's cord fell off at 11 days. I used the alcohol in the hospital, but stoped when we got home. She was also up to 9 lb 10 oz from a low of 7 lb 14 oz. She has gained almost 2 lb in less than 3 weeks. But, I should not be surprized. All she does is nurse and sleep and poop. Her billi level was down to 13 somthing as of last friday. She does not have to go back to the ped till her next well baby check up. I am happy that her numbers are finaly going down. She is...
I gave Alexis yogurt that early. If your drinking milk or eating yogurt, then she is getting some in her breastmilk. i would give it to her. sorry nik
Sam is in a small fitted diaper that my friend made and a newborn prorap and Alexis is sleeping in her Growing Green with her Aristrocrat
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