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Not at all, but I can't remember...$250? $300? It was way back in February. I live in NYC so I suspect there was some urban up charging going on.
That's interesting. Thanks for your reply. If I had to predict, I would say my daughter would go back, but I guess one never knows. It does seem like it would help with the toddler's adjustment to having a sibling.
I know this likely varies from child to child, but I'm a bit anxious about how my 2.5 yo will react when my milk comes back in. I was sure she would wean during my pregnancy, but she is still dry nursing twice daily, albeit very briefly. It is my go-to to get her down for her nap, but she does fall asleep at night without nursing. What can I expect? I am so nervous!
Hi all, I noticed a stabbing pain in my nipples yesterday and started Dr. Jay Gordon's GSE thrush treatment protocol today. My DD is 2.5 yo, and is nursing only twice a day (probably bc I'm 36 weeks PG). Her nursing sessions are very brief. I was considering swabbing her mouth for a few days w the GSE solution, as well as spraying her bottom with it. How many days should I keep this up? How frequently should I swab? I am so prone to thrush while pregnant for whatever...
I am not AMA and did it through my midwife. It was not covered by insurance. I did it for gender ID reasons. I thought it was really neat to know the baby's gender at 12 weeks!
I was going to ask about this...I think I might also wear the bellefit "crotchless" as it were for the first few days. Was it a workout getting yours on? How long did you wait postpartum to try it? Thanks!
Does anyone know if the squeem smells rubbery?
Let's repost when we go into labor I had an appointment today and I'm 3cm dilated and 50% effaced. My midwife seems to think I'm sending out labor hormones and the dog can sense them. I'm taking it easy...especially when I notice my dog perking up!
Yes. I would say congratulations to you on the good work! Flu and cold season is coming and you never know...best to go into fall and winter with a nice fat baby. My daughter was similarly enthusiastic and chubby and while she has remained very tall (off the charts), she has thinned out quite a bit. I wouldn't worry.
Hi there, I am ashamed to admit this but I can't remember if my dog noticed a change in me the last time I had a baby just before I went into labor. She was acting funny last night, like she wanted to stand right next to me for some reason, and I definitely feel like I'm lightening. I laid down right away because I'm only 36 weeks, and I would like to have at least one more week under my belt. Does anyone have dogs or other animals who knew you were going into labor before...
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