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While cotton might not be the best choice, that's what we use here because it's easier for us to find and buy (and afford!).  Our daughter wore long sleeve bodysuits with snaps all winter under whatever she wore, so at least two shirts.  Sometimes she wore babylegs under pants and we always urged her to wear slipper socks.  You're right--being warm makes a big difference.  If you know how to knit or crochet or sew, you could make her a hat of some sort (pilot cap or sun...
This was a first birthday gift for our little girl and we STILL use it.  She has loved all its various incarnations.  I love toys that grow with children and are beautiful at the same time.  I can't say enough good things about it.  Hard to put together for the first time, but worth it.  Personally, I would hold off on a kitchen until the age of two or three, when pretend play happens more often.    
Pelle's New Suit and Peter's Old House by Elsa Beskow are nice books of a similar type.  They are about making things, going to different people who have different skills and resources to help the making process along.  Shearing sheep, spinning yarn, and so forth.
I imagine you could make them in the same way that people make crayons out of scraps in muffin tins, just find a silicon mold that would make block shapes instead.  Something like a candy mold, perhaps?
We have roller shades and they get pulled every night at 7:30 no matter what.  We also use low lighting at night like some of the other posters.  Bedtime for our little girl is around 8:30 or 9:00, but I prefer that so that I have some quiet time in the morning to get ready for the day.  I agree that fresh air really helps for tiring little people out without overstimulating them.
Wow, just jumping in to say--sheesh!  Thank goodness for a place to ask things like that!  I'm filing this one away for later.  
Hi!  You can find some here:   http://www.achildsdream.com/arts_crafts_kits/art_cards_prints.htm  
We use an Easter basket from Longaberger that was a gift to my little girl last year.  This year, I'm expecting a baby any moment, so who knows?  ;-)  But, I have made some wet felted eggs and a needle felted bunny.  We might hide eggs, but I'll be in bed for that.  I have paper grass that we use from year to year.  
We have the Camden Rose playstands and I was astounded at the quality.  They are wonderful!  They are very stable with the single shelves that comes with the set.  I ordered mine from Palumba.  The wood (ash, as I chose) is super smooth, even the holes for the shlelves are smooth!  I hope to get the additional shelves next year, but they aren't needed to make it work.  The quality is just wonderful.  I can't speak for the other brand, but we are really pleased with the...
We haven't experienced that, but we've always drawn on smooth paper.  And occasionally the furniture.  
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