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Thanks! I'll check those out.
Any thoughts on these two curricula? 
Beyond the Rainbow Bridge was my first official book introduction to Waldorf.  It's great for younger children who aren't in school yet.  Waldorf Education: A Family Guide is good for understanding a little of how schools work.  A lot of folks recommend Heaven on Earth, but I can't say that I liked it too much.  School as a Journey is another good book for understanding the eight years that teachers spend with their classes and the dynamics of that relationship.  There are...
Don't feel too guilty.  Young children are challenging and need a lot of parental involvement and direction, which is tough to balance.    Having a daily rhythm might help, a plan for screen time and other activities.  We have times for TV and times for much less TV.  It varies with the seasons.   For me, screen time and other issues are more about my personal discipline, so I have to be mindful of that all the time.  I do use the computer a fair amount, but I also leave...
We use old prefolds in place of paper towels, if that helps.  Sure is simpler, though those are pretty. :)
I had a baby, so I'm late responding to this.   Yes, I agree that rhythm at that time is largely centered on naptimes.  I think it's important to respect the rhythms of the baby of the family at that point, and even for awhile longer.  Take time to allow for rest and nursing and diaper changes.  Avoid rushing around at the last minute.  We still declare mandatory rest time for our family when we have guests so that our children may recover a bit and have a better time. ...
 I would choose without feet, personally, and use socks or slipper socks as needed.  Depends on how cold your house is.  Here's a gnome-style hat: http://www.nordicwoollens.com/en/babies/newbornessentials/p17554151.html  It can also be knit quite easily, if you are able.
I really like A Child's Dream for roving.  They also have a variety of peg dolls to choose from.  I can't speak for their felt, but I imagine the quality is really good.  I know that felt from Wal-Mart does pill with time and lots of wear, but I have used it.
 The same here.  It's been that way for a couple years.  I don't mind and I don't think it's a form of disrespect.
Being AP first and Waldorf shortly after, I see what you mean.  I haven't read YAYCFT, but I do enjoy the Parenting Passageway for understanding the various ages and learning to lighten up.  I really like RIE and Janet Lansbury's thoughts on baby and childcare.  My second child spent his baby years (which he's still in) exploring the world largely on his own.  He learned to find me around the house at about 7 months when he was slithering along the floor.  We still nursed...
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