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I'm so sorry, sending you hugs and support. Honestly, that sounds like he has some issues, it is not okay to treat her differently than the other kids, nor to yell at her and call her a brat. Will he go to therapy with you? As a family?
Sending you support! You are not a horrible person for expecting your step children to behave, it is good for them to learn how to act with a baby in the house, and, assuming they are old enough, they should have some repsonsibilites, too. 
Personally, I did not have most of those issues when I went gluten free. I did have stomach issues, but I added in a good probiotic and that helped, although sometimes it takes a while to adjust to those, too.    What are you replacing the gluten with? Are you eating alot of one type of food in place of it? For example, eating an increased amount of eggs, veggies, etc, something that may cause that reaction?    If you just started all of those supplements, one or more...
That is rough, and it's perfectly reasonable to ask your dh to take some time off to help care for his child. I agree that part of the behavior could stem from her dad not being around. It seems like you are doing all you can.
Finally some progress; 157.4!
160.9 so slight progress. I've been eating better and exercising five days a week. Just upped my water intake, hoping that will help.
On Monday I was 160.7, so, slight progress
Hopefully someone who is well versed in this topic will chime in soon! If I'm understanding correctly, you ovulated around the 26th? If so, while it is possible to have a test that early, it's very unlikely that you would get an accurate reading; as hard as it is, wait at least another week before testing. Good luck!!!
Well I finally bought a scale. I'm 162.7, this is the heaviest I've ever been; I don't think I weighed this much pregnant. On the upside, I have been eating well and doing great with exercising at least 4 times a week, so at some point, I should see some loss!
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