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I hope it is included.
Ugh, I'm sorry. We are gluten free and mostly dairy free, and as you know, gluten is also in a lot of things that it shouldn't be. Did they use the apple juice in place of sugar perhaps? Odd.
Congrats!!!! Mine is okay so far, only 2 days in, lol. 
No loss for me, but on the plus side, I didn't gain. I did take it easy on the exercise last week because I was sick, but I did do 2 days of light exercise. I'm back on the exercise wagon this week, and have been eating well, so hopefully some progress soon.
I am starting out at about 156; my scale is cheap and unreliable, but that was the last weight I got at the doctors office and my scale varies between 152-158. Will buy a new scale asap. I am about 5'6 and my healthiest weight in terms of how I look and feel is about 125. I've gained the weight over the past two years and need to make some healthy changes.
Joining. I really need to do something, I've gained 20+lbs in the last year and just keep gaining :(
Personally, I would try couples counseling specifically to address the blended parenting, and if he won't go or goes but does not change, then leave. You will be miserable if you stay and the situation doesn't change. 
They definitely need to talk to a patient advocate, it may have a slightly different name but each hospital has someone who handles those issues. They should then move her or sign her out if the care doesn't improve. A doctor would have to get a psych hold order, which is done by police and courts, they can't just do it themselves, to keep her. If she is truly a danger to herself or others, it could be granted. What an awful situation. 
Wow! Is she on a psych hold? If she is not, then yes, they can take her out AMA. She can also refuse treatment. Even if she is in on a psych hold, she has rights, you need to talk to a patient advocate asap.
It sounds like you are doing everything you can, and that you are on the path to figuring it all out regarding the doctor and specialized preschool. I totally understand wanting to know NOW, it is hard to wait things out. On the plus side, is sounds like he is doing well and there are no urgent issues, there is even improvement, that is GREAT!   From what you wrote, if he is indeed on the spectrum, it seems like he is and/or will be high functioning; he does speak, he...
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