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It's possible that she may want or need too much time off. But, from what you wrote, she had approved vacation, which shouldn't be an issue. She got sick and took a few days off. I don't see a few days off for being sick as bad. I get sick a few times a year, and sometimes I can work through it or only take a day off but other times I do take two or three days. People get sick and recover at different rates. I actually found your comment about how she should grovel and...
If his insurance company only provides coverage for spouses, then yes, what he is doing may be fraud. Some companies do give six month coverages for former spouses, but that isn't the real issue here (of course, if his plan will cover her for six months post divorce, he should do that). She can and should get her own plan; really, since it's a potential fraud issue, on her end she is risking having to pay back any services she receives since she isn't covered.    As...
I do not, hopefully some of the wise women here will chime in soon :)
It seems like it's more for the self injected medications than vaccines, but I find all of that stuff interesting, and safety should be a huge concern for them. When I worked at a pharmacy, we would get updates on adverse drug events (user error or the medication itself), and it was scary. 
I haven't but it looks interesting. I like the one review from an objective reader (supposedly, anyway), who stated that it was educational, and they did not take sides. I value "independent" opinions, rather than the typical pro/anti vax debates that typically take place over books like this.
Interesting, I just started considering accounting for my Master's degree, and I never imagined that I would consider "math" as a degree and career. But having been in the 8-5 workforce, I hate everything about it. My goal is to wohm part time, and accounting seems like a field where that and/or telecommuting is possible. By the time I finish my degree, I'll have a few years experience running a non-profit program, including financials (small scale, but still, finances),...
Ugh. Any time a scare tactic is used it makes me not want to do or buy whatever they are "selling" as a cure.
I hope to be in your shoes eventually but dh isn't interested in having another bio-kid. We have four kids between us and I would love an "ours". 
We are having a similar issue here in CA; it's floored me to see the injustice. Most of the family court I had seen had been overall fair, but this was far from the case with a particular judge in a specific county. I had always thought, when people would complain about unfair rulings, that there was more to the story. Now I know better. Sitting in court with my dh and seeing the injustice was a real eye opener. We had police reports of MONTHS of denied visitation (She had...
I will have to ask dh if he gets hit on more with the ring, we got married a year ago but have been together for five. He is hot, and I have had women hit on him with me right there; and not in a harmless flirty way, but in a serious way, totally tacky. I know that I get hit on just as much, if not more, with a ring on; I think some men see it as a challenge. DH said that it's because some men see a married woman as a potential NSA "friend". Sigh.
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