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Hey everyone, I am not charting at the moment,because I am expecting in May, but will continue to follow this thread for after birth. I was charting regularly before I married last year, and we CTA for 2 months before deciding we wanted to TTC. As the birth looms closer, I've been feeling a bit nervous about CTA, especially with an infant. I don't want to get pregnant 3 months after birth, like all of the horror stories I've read! I know my body and sanity would not...
Sugar free update: I did very good this afternoon, except one time, when I forgot the jam I was eating had refined sugar....darn! But hey, at least it was the last of it! haha, now I don't have it to tempt me. But unfortunately I am at my family's tonight, and guess what? My sisters are making sugar cookies!!! OF COURSE.  
Hello, My name is WinterPrego and...I'M A SUGAR ADDICT!! haha, no joke. I have eaten enough sugar to sink the Titanic three times, in my short life of 20 yrs! And you ladies have no idea how many times I have gone from "weaning", to cold turkey. And you know the crappy thing? I always feel SO good when I don't eat sugar. I know how disastrous it is for our bodies,and can tell the effect in my life, especially since I've "quit" it so many times, and then go running right...
Dayiscoming, I actually agree that some women are able to change their Rh factor through diet.Of course we have no evidence that every woman can do that, but some have and I think that's awesome! For those who have no faith in it, obviously, what's the point in changing your diet? It turns out that I am Rh+,so there would be no use changing my diet for THAT reason. If I were Rh- I honestly think I would give it a try. Of course, if it didn't work, there's always PP...
Thanks for all of your suggestions! They all sound like good books, and I do own a few myself, but I can't wait to expand my library on pregnancy and birth!  
  My husband and I also have a few criticisms!  ;)  
  I have never heard of burning the cord before, but is very interesting! Especially about the baby's chi and heat. What made you guys want to burn the cord?   Also, great tip about checking the cords vessels! I was wondering where to cut or how long to keep the cord to check. Thanks  :)
Mittenkittens - I do have a copy of Susan Weeds book Childbearing Year, and I love it! It has a ton of great herbal info.   Havsulen -  This is the link I used, in case you want to compare!  :)    http://www.umbrellanoize.com/stuff/Emergency%20Childbirth.pdf  
I am due May 9th, so that could end up being late April!  I feel like there is so much to do...I just bought a stroller/carseat/base for $20 yesterday!! Great condition, just one or two spots. I'm really excited  :)  I also got a bassinet for $25, brand new!  :D   Oh and someone just gave me 8 AIO cloth diapers! with a bag full of inserts...truly awesome. I'm so excited about our baby, and I'm with you on feeling good about keeping the UC to ourselves. Once it's over I...
I didn't feel anything until a day or two before I turned 19 weeks(which had me a bit worried, though my midwife wasn't)....and since then it's been crazy! I'm now 22 weeks. :)  Don't worry, I have friends who didn't feel their babies until they were into their 19th week. I'm sure every thing is great with your little one!
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