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I love Nyah!  lol I'm a sucker for the unoriginal  :) But is it pronounced N-eye-uh  or N-ee-uh?  or both?!
My baby does the same thing!  Some times I thought maybe twins...but hearing all of these ladies say they do, and all their formers were very long, makes me think that's what it must be. Because both mine and my husbands families are very tall! And none of my mothers babies (all 8) were under 20 1/2 inches, most averaging 21! So it must be a big'un!  lol
Haha I sure did!  That's what happens when I try to mulit task!  here ya go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mP9SB5peNuw
  I agree with you that by the age of 14 they are more than half way to being an adult! And I have spoken to my husband about shortening the age years for using a computer. It's just that, once my 14 yr old has finished his school (usually only takes him a few hours or so), he heads outside to do some part time work for a local farmer. He hasn't shown any interest to use it, so I guess I really haven't thought much about it. We also live in a remote area, though I...
Thanks, I'll look it up!
No that's fine! I'm going to keep using my midwife during my pregnancy. My husband also wished I would. His reasoning being, that we can learn a lot concerning prenatal care. I disagree, but if it makes him comfortable for the first one, I really don't care!  :)
Mamatoabunch - You're an inspiration!  :)  Having UC'ed 7 times, do you have any tips to pass on, whether it's supplies for birth, foods for labor, etc...?
You can use any cover over a prefold. AIO is just like a normal diaper...unless you want to put inserts in there overnights just in case, or when traveling,etc... for extra absorbency!
That sounds like a great price to me...where are you shopping - Craiglist?
  Thanks! this is definitely a great reminder!  
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