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  My husband doesn't know his Rh factor, unfortunately! We find out in another week what mine is, so we're waiting to see my results first. If I'm Rh negative then he's going to get his tested. I'm also not comfortable with the idea of refusing the post-partum Rhogam, though I'm also not comfortable about the ingredients of the shot.  I don't believe it's safe for the baby to get the prenatal Rhogam, so I wouldn't be doing that. It's been a battle for me, but I'm coming...
  My father is Rh positive. What do you mean by SO? Sorry, I'm still adjusting to all of the abbreviations on here! 
  Wow! I can't believe jackets are hard to come by there! lol that must be rather nice :) I come from a family of 8 children, and already 9 nieces and nephews, so if you ever need any help with the children during the unpacking, etc... I'd be more than happy to help!  Your girls may enjoy being out where we live...it's a little more rural, but very nice! We live on 32 1/2 acres of land. Most is wooded, but there are two horses, chickens,dogs, cats, etc... so there is...
I don't know yet if I am Rh negative, but my mother is and I'm not sure of the odds that I am, since she is. I am waiting for my blood results to come in. I really don't like what I have read about it.
  Yep, I'm the guilty one!  hehe, I have so many questions concerning UC...I'm actually still on your blog!  ;)
Have any of you done UC while knowing you were Rh negative? If so, what did you do during pregnancy and after birth?
Thanks Olivia! I've read quite a bit on your blog today, and agree that airing seems to be the best way to go.
  MittensKittens - I LOVE your blog!  You have so much wonderful info on UC, Placentophagy, Premature Cord Clamping....all of which I've had a lot of questions on.
Would you mind sharing your UC story? You could pm me if you'd rather not post it here.     I have not yet done UC, so I'm always looking for a new story!
I've recently decided that UP/UC/HB is exactly what I want to do for myself and my babies (and thankfully my husband totally backs me up!), but would also like to know if there are women in my area who are interested, support, or have done it. I think a little extra local support would be nice.   So is there by any chance local ladies who have done this, or are planning on doing it?
New Posts  All Forums: