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Name: Laura Burns -Age: 20 -EDD: May 9th! (my husbands is May 6th) -Location: Maysville, North Carolina -1st child/2nd/3rd...: My first bebe  -Family: My husband Jeff, 4 cats, and two dogs (all outdoor thank God! oh except the hubby of course...hehe!) -Baby's gender: We don't want to know until birth  -Name: Boy- Abner Lee / Girl- Eden Grace -Birth plans/preferences: UC/HB -Anything under the sun: MY husband and I are "pioneers" according to our family and...
Well!  My husband and I don't celebrate Christmas. We always get bulgy eye responses when we tell people that! It makes me wonder, if our families/friends react so strong to that, then what in the world will be their reaction to our decision to UC??!  I'm seriously considering on keeping it secret from everyone but the midwife I am using for prenatal care. I am actually considering on not using my midwife for the remainder of my pregnancy....I really want to UP. Only,...
I've never thought about the dryer or heating pad before! Great ideas, and so simple.   Thanks!
If UC makes you the least bit worried, then maybe you should search for a homebirth midwife, or a birth center. I'm not sure if there are any homebirth midwives in your area. There are several websites you can go to, that will help you find a local homebirth midwife. I agree that the more c/s you have, the riskier it is for each new pregnancy. I wish you the best of luck!
Okay, thanks. I wasn't even sure if it was necessary, but I know it's routine for most hospitals and some midwives. Though, I'm sure it would be obvious if the baby wasn't warm enough?
I realize I'm a little late, but are you guys still offering to lend books? I am an extremely fast reader,and know how to take care of a book!(My dad is crazy about books, and was very strict in teaching us to care for them). Anyway, I am planning an UHB in May of next year, so I am trying to read like crazy...only as you all have mentioned, funds are tight.
Thank you so much! This does look like what I need.   
Which method is best to take a newborns temperature, and how often should it be taken after birth? 
  Okay, thank you. :)
I am planning on UP for my next baby, but would like to keep my own records of simple prenatal care. Does anyone keep their own records, and do you have a printable record to share?? I'm not talented at all when it comes to making up my own forms,etc...
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