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I made my own (without a serger) just using a zigzag stitch on the edges. I cut up an old flannel sheet and used the biggest zigzag stitch my machine had. After the first few washings, I  had a lot of loose threads, but after I trimmed them, no more issues. I found that my old flannel sheet set was perfect. It had been washed tons of times, so it was really absorbent. Good luck!
We have about 36 Kawaii diapers, 12 of those are minky. We are about 7 months in on our cloth diaper journey and I really like the kawaiis. We have only had 1 leak (I snapped them wrong during a 2 am change..oops!) No poopy blow outs, no urine leaks. We had a problem with smells when we got our HE washer, but I just do a soak and an extra rinse. I wash them in eco nuts and dry them on low heat. So far, so good. We couldn't afford to spend a  lot of money while building...
We moved to Reno a year ago from the bay area. Living here is inexpensive enough that I'm able to stay home with our 2 kids and we live off my husband's salary. I have found some "crunchy" friends here and they are the ones who actually introduced me to my midwife. (Baby boy #2 is now 15 days old. Homebirth.)  :)  We love living in Reno. I won't move back to the bay area, even though my family is there. Too expensive. I love that Reno is small enough where I can get...
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