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Me too.  And yes, you could have the patent belt in the car just in case.  But really, most people know they are going to a ritzy estate, and I think the invite was designed to be funny rather than to suggest everyone show up in jeans.   Plus, the whole rhinestone/sequin thing is pretty "in" right now, even for casual wear.
We just got an Insignia one, and it is having a hard time maintaining the connection.  None of our other devices have this issue, so it may be going back.
I was going to post this same thing, as I also live in a suburb of San Francisco (Marin), and while there do exist the soul crushing developments like the pp is referring to, it's not at all what our suburban neighborhood is like.  Although I still personally prefer the city, this is a much easier place for the kids.  It makes me so happy to see all the kids running through the cul de sac into each other's houses. 
Thanks for your thoughts.  Part time school is my dream, always has been, but it's not an option around here.  Dh and I are planning on taking the kids out a bit more, so we'll see how that goes - I'm not sure yet how much trouble it will be.   The reason we started school to begin with is that ds1 asked to go.  All last year he talked about it, and we had very frank discussions about what it would entail, and he really wanted to give it a try.  We decided to have...
As many of you here know, we have homeschooled until this year - my boys started 4th and 1st grade at our local public school.  Transition was fine for both of them.  Surprisingly fine.  However, dh and I are not happy about some things, and are considering pulling them out.  In my attempts to make this post as short as possible, I'll list the issues we're having.   Cons of School:   Time.  We all miss our free time, and our ability to go on field trips and...
That's us.  Sometimes all I eat is vegetables - my biggest diet downfall is getting enough protein.  I prepare meat, but am not fond it.  I don't make much pasta.  I pretty much eat salads, veggies or vegetable soup constantly.  My kids eat a few veggies, one kid more than the other, but it has been a struggle.  So the modeling didn't necessarily work out in our family. 
Haven't read the replies . . .   I've been on both sides of this.  Theoretically I agree with the OP, and we often handle mealtimes exactly the same way.  However, the "no more dinner later" often backfires on us.  The kid will agree to it at the moment, and hop up and run off.  Then, right before bedtime, the 6yo is STARVING, and is begging for some food that only I can prepare for him - heat up his soup, or something like that.  I could refuse, and tell him that I...
However, here are some good/fun movies that they do have available:   City Island Julie and Julia The Ugly Truth The Proposal Brothers An Education
We love Netflix, but their watch instantly selection sucks.  Dh and I laugh as we scroll through the available movies.   However, this is due to legal agreements with various production companies, not some oversight by Netflix.  Netflix is spending millions right now to secure rights to more movies to stream online.  For the time being, however, we use it mainly to order DVDs.  We occasionally find an interesting tv show or movie to watch instantly, and there's a lot...
Awww, that seriously brought tears to my eyes.   Congratulations!
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