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My 9yo has asked for awhile to have his own website, and we are finally getting around to making it happen, but I need some help!   My first question is about hosting.  I would love to use a free service like the one Google Sites has, including the templates, but my son really wants his web address to be something specific that he has in mind (it's available), and with the Google one, or others like it, the web address would be kind of awkward.  It ends up being...
Yes.   Having done both now, I think that a homeschooled education, given the parameters you laid out, is a better education.  I think homeschooling is often a better education even without any of the resources you mentioned above.  Of course so much depends on the child and various circumstances, but generically, a child will advance more quickly and get more out of a custom education.  I mean, even adults do - my dh and I have taken group dance lessons, and while...
Both of my kids loved it.
This has not been our experience with school, at all.  I have other complaints about school, but this isn't one of them.  
We do a lot of shared gifts.  They tend to always want to play with whatever the other one has, and I don't like buying two just to avoid fights, so shared gifts it is.  They have never seemed to mind.
  I knew someone was going to say this!  Based on some dynamics in the class, we're not comfortable with ds1 going without him there, so I want to make sure he can go.  Plus, dh is a seasoned Little League coach, and I have no doubt that he would do just fine.  However, he has a hard time (as do I) with answering these questions on a piece of paper because so much of it depends on the situation.  Is the kid not following the rules because he's overexcited, or because...
These would be 9-10 year olds.  A little too young for the beer, although I'm sure dh will be wanting one. 
Ds1 is going on a two night trip with his class in the spring.  Dh is going to apply to be a chaperone - I could chaperone but wouldn't be allowed to sleep in the same bunkhouse as my son, so it makes more sense for dh to go.  On the application he has to answer these two questions:   How would you hand the following situations?   1.  Students in your bunkhouse are very excited on the first night fo their stay.  It is after quite time and students will not settle...
You'd find a way to have fun.  I'd just go if that's your only concern.   However, what I don't understand, is a "mandatory" family trip.  Sounds kinda illegal to me.
Let's say you order tickets to the opera or ballet, reserved seating.   You never receive the tickets.  If you call the theatre, do they refund your money or give you new tickets?  Do they reissue the tickets for the same seat?  What if someone found the tickets and showed up with them?  How do they know you didn't sell the tickets - there are always tickets for sale on Craigslist.   How exactly does this work, does anyone know?
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