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Quote: Originally Posted by rachel7628 Depends on the nickname. Shortened versions of her name? No. We chose Tamsin because we like that name and not so that we could shorten it - if we wanted to call her Tammy, we would have used it (or Tamara). Terms of endearment from family members? Totally fine with it. It's a sign of affection. Yes. Terms of endearment are fine (as long as they are not embarassing or disrespectful). Deciding to...
My SIL used to try to do this with ds1, and it bugged me. She kept shortening his name (it's not a very long name to begin with). Nobody else had ever called him that, so I'm not sure why she thought it was appropriate. I just never responded to it, never used it, and she eventually dropped it. But yes, I did find it irritating. As an aside, I think it is rude to "alter" a person's name when you know they go by the full name. If someone introduces themself as...
We are new to an area that has hot summers, so I need some suggestions as well. One thing that we do is a "big salad." I hardboil some eggs in the morning, which is the extent of the cooking. Then I toss a bunch of lettuce with a basic olive oil and vinegar dressing, pile that in the middle of the plate, and then put stuff around the side: avocado, hardboiled eggs, carrots, celery, radishes, garbanzo beans, etc., whatever sounds good and you have on hand.
Haven't read the replies . . . My own parents forgot to pick me up several times during my childhood, so an isolated incident wouldn't make me worry. However, if you feel there are other health issues at hand, then I think it's fair to find out more. Has she been to the doctor lately? Is she on any medication? If you or your dh is close with her, these are things I would be discussing even if she wasn't watching your kids. Dh's dad has Parkinson's, and we would...
When I lived in SF we were able to request to have a red zone painted on either side of our driveway. The city would come out and review the driveway for eligibility. I forget the criteria, but it seemed pretty loose. I think there was a fee associated with it, maybe $50 or something like that? But in the city there are problems with people parking within a hair of your driveway making it almost impossible to get out. You could call your city and find out if they have...
Not all public records are online. Often I have had to go into the county office to request a document. You could probably do it by mail if you live too far away. There is usually a nominal fee, like $3 or something, depending on the document.
As long as you have a plan for jobs or how to sustain yourself financially, I think it sounds like idea. I would do it, although I too would be terrified! Heck, I was scared moving to the suburbs after living in the city.
We live in the suburbs and just finished our first year of 4H, so you definitely don't need to live on a farm. We didn't even have any pets (we just got chickens 3 months ago). Find the main 4H website and see if there is a group in your area. Here they run Sep-June, but I don't know if that is for all of them or not.
No one I know has ever had an issue - we certainly never have. As an R4 school, we keep attendance, and technically the student must attend the same number of days per year as is required in public school.
My kids both went through a stage of asking me to put their food and water in bowls on the floor so they could eat like a dog. Sure, fine, whatever.
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