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I actually thought it was easier to use on mobile.  But that might just be because as we already established I am tech-illiterate and you are smarter than me, so, well there's that. 
  We are all capable of being respectful of each other.  By no means are we PG, even here.  I think it will be just fine, though.  There are members at every end of the spectrum and we all know that.
Can't we just stick to what we have now? One forum with separate threads for chit chat, pictures, gardening, recipes, etc? I mean, aside from privacy this all works for me. I say don't complicate it. ...but that might just be me
 Super jealous.  SO fun there!   I will be hoping its lymphnodes for you.  Keep us posted  
I don't mind weekends, and I'm not opposed to a location change. But I couldn't think of another place in a central location like that. We tend to stay more on this side of the bridge.
Abra- I do remember having a similar conversation when your DH was having mental health problems, and you guys were thinking about downsizing dramatically and getting the bus.  You are right.  And Amber is right also.  It will just take some planning and preparing.    Kirsten i meant to say earlier, your costume was fantastic.  Your make up was great!   And Amber, I don't remember where we left off with planning a meet-up. But did you have any day in mind you want to...
I have plenty of spare time today.  Like, plenty.  As in Im sitting on the couch and drinking coffee and watching cartoons and trying not to sneeze on anyone all day.
  B was Daniel Tiger, DD was Lela from Teen Beach Movie (with more clothes and no midriff), and DS was a 10 year old who almost was too cool to wear a costume but decided to just be outright creepy instead.   I love kids in costumes :)  Its always cute, no matter what. 
Wow, awesome Amanda thanks!  Can you show us a sample of what a thread will look like?
New Posts  All Forums: