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  That sounds like my (ETA) second worst nightmare.
MMM Abra I need that recipe again.  For sure.  Just send me all your whole foods chocolate recipes.  Really.  Not kidding.   Where are all the pictures of kids in costumes?  So far Ive only seen KJ.  What gives guys?
  Oh, me too.  But, Im not as hardcore as Sara, who eats chocolate chips for breakfast.  Im thankful we have to get rid of basically all the candy that is chocolate this year because I lack self control.  My husband also demanded I get all of our non-whole foods out of the house by Monday, because he is in some fitness competition he lost by 2 points last time and he wants the whole family to try whole foods/raw/paleo/Im just guessing and naming random diets for a month. ...
I just ate a Skittle and it tasted like Pine-sol smells.  How do people eat this crap?    If this is "Safe" candy, well, then I'm hiding in my room and eating some chocolate. 
  Right?!  I was thinking the same thing when I saw that online.  You wouldn't believe the storms my kids have trick or treated in!  Yes, early 90's rap lyrics make great embroidery.
Oh I'm excited!!! Haha! PM or text them to me if you don't want to post them here.
  No, those might be perfect.  I have 2 people who requested something ill-fitting for a kitchen towel, but appropriate for young children to read. 
...my phone inserts random laughing faces... It also sends accidental pictures I my tattoo where I hadn't put my shirt back on, which I'm sure my MIL loved. Thanks Iphone, your the best.
Pretty much anything that is inappropriate for a dish towel I have no theme. So far I have "every day I'm hustlin'", "snitches get stitches", "bacon or GTFO" and by request from someone who is buying a few- "shut your whore mouth" and "see you in hell".So...pretty much anything goes! Haha. I don't have any selling logistics set up yet, but if you let me know what you want we can work something out
For Christmas Im making for family and selling dish towels that are embroidered super old lady like and flowery, but say things like, "Damn it feels good to be a gangster" on them in really fancy writing.  You know, to be ironic.  So I need roughly 20 phrases- does anybody have any ideas for me? 
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