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  Sara your one sentence responses always crack me up. Mal, quit over-thinking it!  You and the principal obviously know you are doing exactly what you should.  Where in the world is everyone?
Mal, I cannot even imagine having the patience to deal with parents like that.  My daughters class has a crazy parent this year, and I have seen the poor first year teacher try so hard to say the right thing but still be firm.  Are the parents harder to deal with than the students?   I completely forgot everything from all the posts before Mal's.  Its early.   Mega-bed worked for the most part.  B woke up to go potty and scream like she was being murdered for 10...
Happy birthday Connor! When is Shays birthday? I know there are only a few with birthdays this early but mid-month they start to group together more. I'm laying in bed awake being terrified of the excessive amount of candy B will be exposed to tomorrow. I might punch anybody I see with a Reese's peanut butter cup.
  Great Christina!  Amber, do you want to just pick a day that works for you?  We are having company from the 8th to the 10th, so those will be the only days I am not free.  I think you have the most going on.  How exciting!!!!
Spongebob is practically the devil, and Dora is the antichrist.  I cannot STAND either of them.   And Joanie, as normal as some of those behaviors sound (tantruming, hair cutting, taking off clothes, being generally bratty) for this age, you are doing the right thing by listening to your intuition.  Its nearly always right, and it sounds like in DCP's situation a lot has changed.  You are a very smart lady, and a good mom, for making those choices even if its tough. ...
I'm sorry Joanie, I get the alone time thing. Your mentioned you were having some issues with the daycare, I meant to ask- what's going on there? You were SO very happy with her a bit ago.
I have the least excitable children ever, they were like "yeah nice mom can I go play?", but B knew it was her name and was excited. I got both other kids' tattoos when they were about 2 also. DS is on my back.
JeeZe Kirsten, like you really need an illness circulating on top of everything else! Hang in there. You are in my thoughts. I've been typing that last sentence for an hour so I'm sure there's 15 new posts. Here is the tattoo:
Hackers is kind of funny. Imagine how disappointed they would be...
Ummm how about Nuns and Heathens? Your a genius.
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