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I'm sure it's all about money.
I am too Joanie. 
Oh, and what would we do without Jaimee?
  This seems to be the most popular opinion
 Also I would be interested in knowing if everyone thought they would participate just as much if the group moved?  Ive been a part of groups where there was a split or move and things fell apart.  Assuming we found a platform that was mobile friendly (a must for a lot of us, and I know Sara has voiced it) does everyone think that for THEM it would be a seamless move or affect their posting?
I just completely blew off all the things I had to do today, and spent the day chasing a pod of orcas around a few of the inlets around here.  I went to 3 places where I missed them by 5-10 minutes.  So I lose for productivity today AND I lose because I have lived here 15 years and never seen a whale.
 I'm willing to do whatever everyone else would like, but I really like the idea of a more private forum.  Are there other members that would feel more comfortable sharing if they knew not just anyone could see?    Great!  Why dont you let me know what works for you.  I will work it around my stuff, since I dont have a job and all...you know...Im able to be more flexible.  I will also message Christina privately on Facebook if she doesnt weight in soon to see if she would...
The one in Everett is way bigger, and has that awesome play area on the roof! But the one in Tacoma will do
 Would you be interested in meeting there sometime?  And Christina, I know its a little further for you I think, but you too?  Its only about a 45 minute drive for me.
Thanks for the link! And I'm totally getting that sticker! DH, MIL, and both my older kids run 5k's and halfs. It will be hilarious to put it on my car. I have no idea who posted anything because I can only see ambers screen name right now. Strange. Amber, which children's museum?
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