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I agree with the bibs with snaps! I evn had a hard time finding them at babys r us. The velcro ones dont seem to last from baby to baby either.
Ur greener then me, I just bought a pack of cheap wash cloths at walmart for my wipes. lol.
Omg, I wouldve had a heart attack too! My 3 yr old just started escaping m the house on her own and I had to start putting the baby proof door handle thing on the back door again. She is too big for uer britches some times. : ) I agree with the waiting thing too. I am a little bit dilated and my OB commented on inducing me in 3 weeks (so at 38.5 weeks) but without any specific reason so I feel like that puts more pressure on me to go on my own before then just to avoid...
Hi meg! I hope Costa Rica is amazing!
My babe is posterior too. I have been trying to do hands and knees too nd it makes her feel much lower but by morning she is back to the same position. OB says I am 1 cm at my appt today. I am good with that. This is the earliest I have been dilated prior to labor. Also, found out OB is moving away in about 2 months so I will be one of his last moms he delivers here.
Just realized why my bill was $200 yesterday, apparently a jar of Mederma cream is $40!!
Yeah the eclipse should be cool! I went to the store for "a few last minute things" before I might have a baby, and well, $200 later....lets just say tomorrow will be a cooking day over here. My kids are just, ' mommy mommy mommy mommy' all day today! They know something is up, I think.
Snow storm was pretty depressing. I guess "storm" is a bit strong of a word. We got maybe an inch and it is gone now but still a bummer considering I was wearing shorts and it was 70 on Friday and now it is in the 30's. I had some more down to business prelabor stuff today in the car when going to the chiro. Contractions that were 10 minutes apart and pinchy! They were coming from my back and didn't hurt more than just a dull ache until they went into my hips and then...
Omg, I think I am dying of pregnancy! Feels like baby's shoulder is pinching a nerve above and to the right of my pubic bone, my intestines were rolling all day yesterday, I have had no appetite and now after trying to eat supper I feel like I could just puke if I try to sit or bend. Yesterday I had very down-to-business prelabor burning low backache, cramps, and presssssuuuuurrrreee. No real contractions, though. Today I didnt really have anything until the last 2 hours...
I think my to do list is down to keep up with the laundry, keep the carpet vacuumed, keep my kitchen and bathroom floor mopped, pick up chicks on Monday, and depending on how much longer I go I might need to get groceries 1 more time.
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