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This baby is all knees and elbows now. Ow! Im so sore from kicks in the same spots over and over. I rode around in our ATV this afternon. Didn't have any contrx while riding but I sure do tonight. Oof! I carried a bunch of laundry up and down the stairs today and Im sure that contributed as well. I don't know if I can take another possible 4 + weeks of this. I had to take 2 naps today just to survive the afternoon.
That is really nice! The flowers will be really pretty!
I keep going back and forth between just wanting the baby here already nd feeling totally not ready to have another person to take care of, although, I think the latter is because of feeling like I just want to sleep all the time lately.
I had a moment of panic last night thinking about night time parenting 2 LO's. I am feeling less nervous about it now but it was definitely a, 'how am I going to do this!?' moment. Other than that I am so stinking constipated! I took half a TBSP castor oil last night and got nothing! Ended up doing and enema and was able to go a little but still not totally relieved. Other than that I just want to sleep all night and most of the day but having little bouts of nesting...
Before this baby dropped this was the first pregnancy I felt like it was hard to breathe. I don't think that always happens in everyone's pregnancies.
...................if I could just take a poop.............
I think I have totally dropped! I saw myself in the window reflection while mking supper and my belly looks more tear dropped! I will have to post a pic.
I hve been wanting to sleep a lot too. Sleep and eat chocolate and just be left alone. I have reached the point in pregnancy where it just sucks to go anywhere. Riding in the car is just plain uncomfortable and EVERYONE feels the need to comment. "You're so big/small!" "You are going to have your handsful/you have a lot on your plate/you guys will be busy..." "Oh, you are having another girl, your poor husband." SHUT UP PEOPLE! LOL.
I second the giving truthful but not fully disclosed detailed answers. Things that I am not open to discussing get short answers because some doctors like to go on power trips and I dont feel like arguing at every appt. : )
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